Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back to normal

Now that there are no more major tournaments and stuff, I can play back crazy fun decks.

So I'm gonna talk TG Hyper Librarian!

Tech Genus Hyper Librarian
When this card is face up on the field, draw a card whenever a Synchro monster is Synchro Summoned successfully by either player.

- 2400 attack is decent, and the defense is slightly higher than Android meaning it wont die from Shura.
- Spellcaster meaning you can go Arcanite with 2 star Tuners such as Formula (and draw 2 too!).
- It's Dark and not some other funny Colour such as "Wind" (don't you think Wind is the weakest attribute?)

- Crazy draw combo will surely appear sooner or later by mixing in Desynchro and Tuning Supporter.

Conclusion: I'd replace my Android with this because I'm a draw whore.

Fun facts: Because this card is a compulsory trigger effect, when cards such as Brionac is Synchro Summoned, this card will go into Chain 1 first. Meaning the Turn player that summoned Brionac will lose his Priority. Other than Brionac, I don't think any other cards really matter.

Please don't confuse what I'm saying and tell me Trishula/Black Rose will miss timing because they are not the same thing. I am saying it now because I am very sure this will come up as many people still don't understand the concept of Turn Player Priority.


The Lost Santuary

The only reason this decks sounds crazy is because Kristia and Hyperion is overpowered. Valhalla makes them so fast that some decks have no chance to react. Add Royal Decree into the mix and you got yourself a situation so difficult to get out of. This deck will most likely lose to Six Samurai if they go first but that is true to most decks lol.

Be prepared to have shit draws if you play Holy Shine Balls.

You want deck list?

Here is an example.


2x White Elephant’s Gift
3x Pot of Duality
3x Treasure of Heaven


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