Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm going Hong Kong!

Our team won for the Asia Plus Team Tournament 2010 today.

Thanks to my team mate for carrying me today as I wasn't performing so well.

Decks and Members
A: Jeff @ BF
B: XM @ GB
C: Bahamut @ QuickDandy

Match 1: Vs BF
1: Just did a normal synchro beat
2: I open with Card Gunner and set 7 Tool + Dust Tornado. He summon Shura and attack card gunner and special gale, and blackrose lol, Epic fail. Downhill from there.
3: He had Rivalry of Warlord and I just milled my Dust Tornado. Can't remember what happened to my Trunade but I finally got rid of it with Ryko. After much struggling by summoning whatever I have every turn and got negated/fail. I finally top draw a Cold wave. I special summon back my Treeborn, activate coldwave, caius and win.

Match 2: Vs Machiner Gadget
1: He had a monster hand I think and I just rushed with Scrap Dragon, Chain Dragon and Drill Warrior for OTK.
2: He had Radiance + Dimension Fissure. Thankfully for Snowman Eater I managed to stall very very much. After much stalling and trying to clear the Fissure with Ryko but fail because he just keep summoning monsters. In the end I managed to clear and managed to synchro a Scrap Dragon with Debris/TreeBorn/Dandy and just hit for damage since time was called. But he had fissure and use 2 Gearframe and beat =(
3: Rubbish game. Thank you XM, you are awesome.

Match 3: Vs Machiner Gadget
1: He started first and Duality and revealed Oppression which he took followed by Gearframe. I had no choice but to force the Oppression early and One for One for discarding Dandy which he paid for both. I didn't have Ryko at the moment so I just set Snowman to stall. After stalling a long time I finally had Cold Wave and Debris but He already summon 3 Gearframes and if I did clear the board with Blackrose, I would have no answer to 3 Tanks. Anyway after stalling some more he Trunade himself, Dark Hole and 3 Tanks appeared. GG
2: Early Coldwave and Blackrose to lead but my hand had no continuation. As usual more ryko mill and pretend to be useful. And I tried to Blackrose a second time and got hit by Starlight Road. FML and GG.

Yes I lost lol. So yes thanks again to my team mate who perform well today =)


  1. Congrat to you team Attack. Please do SG proud and win =)

  2. Btw nice job xian mei, you did a good job able to turn adversity into wining =)

  3. Congrats on getting 1st in this tourney!! You made Singapore proud!! Had fun in your trip to Hong Kong and all the best for the tourney ^^V