Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cardmaster Tourney @ 31/07/10

22 Participants
Deck Used: Trishula Synchron Beat

Round 1: Vs BF (BallSnow)
1: Bad opening hand of 2 avarice and random crap. Got OTK on like the 3rd turn or something.\
2: Now my hand is clogged with 1 star tuners and Level Stealer. Solemned his Arms wing since I don't feel like eating free damage, but Dark Armed appeared instead which made me die faster.

Boo, great start of the day...

Round 2: Vs Gigavise plants
1: Much stalling and I just went for it with Junk Destroyer and rush.
2: Did a Trishula and followed by a Junk destroyer on the next turn for the rush.

Round 3: Vs Gravekeepers
1: Poor hand again. Set a Level Stealer and it got Caiused. Then he had Necrovalley, then I got hit by Devastation Virus, and then he had Raiou on the field. My hand was Avarice, Duality and 2 tuning. FML.
2: He had poor hand and I just rushed with Nitro Warrior and Destroyer.
3: Pretty much the same and just clear as much as possible with Destroyer and rush lol.

Top 8

Round 4: Vs Hero Beat (Jeff)
1: Can't remember the beginning. I had a set solemn, and he had like 4400. Summoned Synchron Explorer pulling Quickdraw and tuned into Nitro, Brain Control his Airman and Direct with both.
2: Nothing interesting when you get DD Crow twice =(
3: Rush with Cold Wave, tune into Scrap Dragon and clear board. Followed by every turn destroy using Scrap Dragon Direct attack 3 times and won.

Round 5: Vs GB (Winson)
1: 1 star fail hand again which is obviously epic fail against GB. Total domination...
2: After much direct attacks again, I summoned Gorz and tune into Scrap Dragon and Rushed back. He had monster hand I think.
3: Gorz saves the day again, tuning into Scrap Dragon and clearing the board every turn.

Round 6: Vs BF (BallSnow again!)
1: Did a one turn stunt of Quickdraw, Level Stealer and Explorer forming Trishula and rush. Next turn Trishula somemore and it was in my favour.
2: Raped.
3: Did a come back after I got rushed by Vayu, Android and Goyo. I summoned Gorz and his Android attack and he used Goyo to steal it. During my turn, I use One for One to summon Growup Bulb. Tuned with Gorz token into Scrap Dragon. Brain Control on his Goyo. Goyo take back Gorz, Scrap rape Vayu, Scrap Dragon effect destroy both Goyo and his Android. From there is the same old Scrap Dragon clear every turn.

Result: 1st (Tuning)

MVP of the day: Scrap Dragon. Too strong...


Deck list

Monster = 22

[1] Gorz
[1] Tragoedia
[3] Quickdraw Synchron
[2] Debris Dragon
[3] Synchron Explorer
[2] Dandylion
[3] Level Stealer
[2] Lonefire Blossom
[1] Growup Bulb
[1] Change Synchron
[1] Turbo Synchron
[1] Sangan
[1] Necro Guardna

Spell = 15

[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Mystical Space Typhoon
[1] Giant Trunade
[1] Cold Wave
[1] Brain Control
[1] One for One
[1] Foolish Burial
[2] Pot of Duality
[3] Tuning
[3] Pot of Avarice

Trap = 3

[1] Solemn Judgment
[2] Thunder Break

Quickdraw + Level Stealer + Explorer = wins games.


  1. * The texts "If this card is used as a Synchro Material Monster, then you can substitute this card for any "Synchron" Tuner monster." and "This card can only be used for the Synchro Summon of a Synchro Monster that uses a "Synchron" Tuner monster." of "Quickdraw Synchron" are not treated as effects[2][3], so they will not negated by the effect of "Synchron Explorer".[3]

    How u made Trish From Quickdraw ?
    Deck looks amasing but I always make last place with My Quickdraw ... :/
    One question
    [1] Change Synchron
    [1] Turbo Synchron
    why ? Seems weak but maybe it's not.

  2. Because those 2 are used to be summoned with Road Warrior. Which with 1 Level Stealer in grave = Formula synchron for drawing 1 and Trishula anytime in opponent turn.

  3. 1) Quickdraw + Level Eater = Junk warrior
    2) Eater reduce Junk warrior level by 1
    3) synchron explorer summon quick synchron and sync everything into Road Warrior
    4) Road Warrior summon Changer or Hyper Synchron
    5) Eater reduce level of Road
    6) Changer/Hyper with Stealer into Formula Synchron
    7) Eater reduce level of Road (6 now)
    8) Eater (1) + Road (6) + Formula = trishula yay

  4. Alternatively, you can sync Formula + Junk warrior + Eater into Ancient Sacred Wyvern.

    If opponent is empty field, its an OTK.

    3000 + 2100 + X(which is 3000 damage from Road) = 8100