Monday, August 2, 2010

And it is August!

Everyone seems to be putting up their banlist prediction.

First we take a look at some of the competitive decks.
- BF
- Infernity
- Frog Monarchs
- Frog FTK
- Perfect Declarer
- Machina Gadget
- Plant Cat
- Dragunity
- X-Sabers (TCG only)

So here is my list with some little bit of thoughts.


Dark Armed/ Rescue Cat
- I think it is time for them to finally enter the list. Too much random factor and you can kill your opponent easily just because of this one card that generates way too much advantage. No Cat also means no random X-saber/Fabled burst. If you look at these 2 cards in comparison, Devil Franken looks friendly and DS will agree.

Advanced Ritual Technique
- All these years, Konami discourages stall/lock decks. Yes I am talking about Perfect Declarer.

Brain Control
- Card that wins games.

Restricted to 1:

- We all love this card so much.

- Because Frog FTK and Frog Monarchs are awesome. Stopping the engine is the way to go.

- This will probably go in instead of Yomi Frog. But then again, it did help improve many not so popular decks such as Lightlords and Quickdraw. If this card is restricted, you wouldn't see anyone playing these decks competitively.

Infernity Gun
- Need I say more. Instead of picking Archfiend or Mirage, I choose Gun to be restricted because it is the most retarded and the only way left to loop is with Mirage which is just a little weak without Hellway Patrol in grave. Plus, Trishula is most likely at 1, so no loop and even if you do the loop, opponent dont lose everything.

Black Whirlwind
- Because BF needs more nerf. Icarus Attack is strong, but most of the time its 2 for 2. Obviously with this card in play, it is not exactly 2 for 2. So as usual, stop the engine!

Restricted to 2: (this is the most boring and useless area because most of the cards here are what people are already playing at 2)

Kalut the Moonshadow
- Because Honest is here too.

Pot of Duality
- With so much drawback in one card, I doubt anything will be done to it.

Machina Gearframe and Fortress
- Fuck you Orange boy! Airman wishes to be here.

Dragon Canyon
- I have no idea how else to nerf Dragunity.

Cards to go to 3:

Destiny Draw
Royal Decree
Bottomless Traphole

Secret Wishlist: (As always, I will wish for some cards to be somewhere else in the list even though it is unlikely)

E Hero Airman to 2
- Sure why not, I do it every year.

Cyber Dragon to 3
- Because there are 3 Bottomless lol

Thousand Eyes Restrict to 1
- Can I use my Instant Noodles for monster removal please.

Crush Card Virus to 1
- Cos we need to destroy those Monarch dogs!

Dark Magician of Chaos to 1
- I miss it very much.


  1. don't hit my Kitty!! don't hit my kitty!! Dark Armed can rot in hell for all I care!!

    Yes!! Banned Brain Control!! It deserve it!!

  2. Herald @ 1 would stagger the deck w/o needing to ban ARA. Kinda unfair to ban ARA just for Fairy boy.

    Hopefully Skill Drain would get to 3 again.

  3. just agreed with your secret banned list :)

    but DaD at banned would be harsh for TCG player.they were just gonna reprint it in tins,but even they did with CCVs so,might happen tho