Sunday, April 25, 2010

Khatib Tourney @ 24/04/10

Deck Used: Light Beat

Match 1: Fake Infernity
1: I thought it was infernity deck when I saw Necromancer so I played extra careful and won somehow
2: Did an infernity side deck only to realise it wasn't a full infernity deck lol. So I had to face Damudo with my 3 dust tornado T_T I managed to survive somehow but I still died in the end from beetle rush.
3: Sided back properly and won

Match 2: BF
1: Alot of dual sparks flying around making trades in my favor. All the D prison and book of moon helped and I was leading.
2: Pretty much the same

Match 3: Infernity
1: Died from beetle rush even though I stopped the Demon =(
2: Mass side deck happened, my oppression and dimension fissure got destroyed by catastrophe when I attacked. Towards the end, I only had DD Crow left and attack for game since he had 100 lp left
3: The same side deck controlled him very much. He did a heavy storm, I passed and he used Return from DD which I solemned. Somehow he had 100 lp left again and I use DD crow again to win, ok I was trying to be funny here cos I actually had other monster lol. Sorry Spikky =(

Match 5: BF
1: The usual Dual Sparks and D Prison stuff
2: I was gonna lose when my hand was 2 dual spark and 2 hero blast. I finally drew Pot of Greederosity and revealed Another Neos. From there things start to get better.

Result: Shared first and second prize. Which was Pot of Greederosity and Armor Master

Deck list below.

Monster [14]

[2] Cyber Dragon
[3] Raiou
[1] E Hero Airman
[3] E Hero Another Neos
[3] Crusader of Endymion
[2] Honest

Magic [13]

[3] Smashing Ground
[3] Dual Spark
[3] Book of Moon
[2] Pot of Greederosity
[1] Emergency Call
[1] Future Fusion

Trap [13]

[1] Mirror Force
[1] Torrential Tribute
[3] Dimensional Prison
[2] Bottomless Traphole
[2] Starlight Road
[2] Hero Blast
[1] Solemn Judgement
[1] Trap Dustshoot


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