Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DuelingDays Self touching tournament.

Hi guys, Bahamut is tired and bored from all the self touching. Suddenly he got an idea! He would like to see all of you touch yourselves, or touch others violently for his entertainment.

1) Traditional format will be used, meaning all the Forbidden cards are moved into the Limited list (Restrict to 1). Other then that follow current March 2010 ban list
2) Self touching decks are highly encouraged even though I will allow decks that does violent OTK. Examples will be given below.
3) Cards of all language are allowed. DT and TCG Exclusives are all allowed, so please put up a good show.
4) Other standard tournament rules apply.

Example of acceptable decks
- Special win (Exodia, Last Turn, Final Countdown, Victory Dragon etc)
- Life Point burn (Scientist, Magical Explosion etc)
- Deck Destruction (Empty Jar, Exchange of spirits etc)
- Infinite loops (Infinite LP, Infinite burn, yata lock, The World infinite turn etc)
- Semi Infinite loops (X Saber Hand destruction loop etc)
- Violent OTK decks (FutureOverload, Cyberstein and friends etc)

Example of not acceptable decks:
- BF Deck (or random beatdown) with Dark Strike Fighter (cmon, wheres the creativity!)


Since this is a special tourney:
1) I would like to see the response first before actually finalising if the tournament will be on or not. Please indicate either in the spamboard, comment area for this post or on the forum topic
2) This will be a non profit tournament with low entrance fees, therefore pls dont expect super awesome prizes.
3) Expect the entry fee to be around 3 bucks so that I have some money to buy decent prizes for at least top 3/4.
4) If response is good, then there will be more and better prizes obviously. Everything is up for discussion.
5) No I'm not participating, unless you all dont mind me participating LOL

Venue: to be confirmed
Time & Date: to be confirmed
Format: Should be few rounds of swiss followed by top 4-8 elimination. It's majority OTK decks, how long can it be.

Feedbacks and suggestions are very much appreciated.

More details can be found here.

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