Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DuelingDays in Japan! - 1 week countdown!

Hello people, heres the update on DuelingDays Japan trip again~ Thankfully since all the planning have been done earlier, things are going smoothly, with no real major problems this week, LOL. Well, even though my title says 1 week countdown, we will actually be flying some time this week. Will prob do a blog from the Airport when we're there, heh.

Tasks accomplished for the week~
1. Angryboy finally got his VISA!!! DuelingDays would like to thank Japan Embassy for their assistance and not further delaying his visa, phew. Made it just in time with just a few days to spare...

2. Maps and final adjustments to itinerary done up! Went to JNTO, got all the maps (1 for each person some more) of the different cities, then marked out all the various spots we will be at, as well as routes to get there, etc. Planning for this vacation is tiring but fun siah, lol~ Then handed all the stuff to the other 2 members alr, hope they appreciate the EFFORT and HARD WORK put into this...

3. JR passes purchased! Imbal price tag siah... You can see for yourself below. Thankfully due to some connections, managed to get a good discount... (Dont ask me how, cannot reveal...) Well, technically this isnt the pass yet. Its just the exchange order, which we have to exchange for the pass when we fly to Japan. That pass will then let us take train all over Japan within 7 days and pay $0. Cool stuff~

*Names have been omitted for obvious reasons, lol

4. Money has been exchanged! Angryboy + Baha are richer then me, they changed even more monies then me.... Regardless, I still feel quite rich siah, just because it is holy land money, LOL. So to end off this blog post.... Woot~

*Note, im not putting out the full amount for obvious reasons as well, lol

So, till next time fellas, see you at the airport~

Afterthought on previous PS: Baha-sama is right, just buy on impulse is best, LOL
New PS: Wonder I changed enough money for Holy Land anot, lol. No matter how much I think of, doesnt seem enough...

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