Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bahamut Trishula Love Deck!

Awesome Deckname:
Welcome to Bahamut's divine performance of summoning Trishula 5 times.

- DSummon
Posting up so that this video gets more airtime, lol. This is Baha's crazy deck to summon 5 Trishulas in first turn, and in my opinion more stable then the Infernity Trishula deck. (I should know, AHA managed to win 1 in the tournament yesterday, LOL!)

Advantages over Infernity Trishula~
- Lots of water support stuff (Which are all obviously not restricted)
- Summons 5 Trishulas! Opponent left to top decking as compared to Infernity have 3 hand in his turn. 3 hand is STILL possible to do a turn over, seriously~ 5 is no hope...
- Less reliance on magics as compared, so no magic drain cuteness (For Inferni Gun)
- Finally, no need to get to handless status to start Trishula-ing, so less dangerous

- The only reason I can think of that this is lousier then Infernity is just... This is a 1 trick deck to summon Trishulas, with almost 0 fighting ability on its own. 1 fossil dino / Banisher of Radiance / similar cards = almost no hope, save for advance summoning Des Frog to hit. But seriously, since the Inferni-Trishula aims to spam Trishulas in first turn also, this will prob be better...
And 1/100 times of the price???

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  1. wtf!!! im glad substitoad is banned in tcg