Friday, February 12, 2010

DuelingDays in Japan! - 3 weeks countdown

Hi everyone. Through the bits and pieces of info we've mentioned over the last month or so I believe most of our readers have realized, DuelingDays will be heading to Japan! (Guest starring AngryBoy who is piggybacking with us)

We will head off early March, and return mid March, staying there for about a week. (Details of our flight not provided so that we dont have our fans thronging the airport / DuelingDays kenna terrorist attack) The problem is we havent even go yet, we already met first obstacle... Time for some fmylife~ (Assume as posted yesterday thanks)

Today, we went to the Japan embassy to get Baha's visa done. Out of the whole month, he decided to go today. We only saw the above sign & random security guard with pretty hand gestures about place is closed. FML

So anyway, we finally managed to get the visa today, with Baha down by loads of Japan funds due to cab money. We (Or rather I, until we get the grace of Baha-sama to post on the topic) will do some updating where possible about the trip, and I hope to do some day to day blogging while Im there too, so.... Stay tuned, players!

PS: Question of the day in my head... What deck to bring there? Hmmmm...


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