Saturday, February 13, 2010

[Deck] Koutetsu no Black Knight

Hello everyone! Time for another deck from me again~ Long story short, I got abit bored of continuously using Machiners (Plus Baha-sama keep bad mouthing on how imba Fortress is...) so I decided to build something entirely without. (Lies! I tried to squeeze in, but idea totally didnt work so removed... LOL)

Also, since I was busy with the Airshow, have not had time to experiment with the latest craze, Birdman abuse, to combine it with my old Jinzo reborn deck. Furthermore, I noted someone online had built something, though no decklist was given. (Only a picture of FF + Cydra + Jinzo + Returners + Birdman was provided, and that he had won a tournament) So, as Ki-Kai-Oh, I cant lose out, so I made a deck build on the concept and it works out pretty well!(Original build, I hope. Spent a few sleepless nights working on it, even Xavier said last night I had blood-shot eyes...)

I present to you, Koutetsu no Black Knight!! *Translated: The Iron Black Knight

Deck Name: Koutetsu no Black Knight (KBK)
Monster = 25
[1] Cyber Dragon
[3] Jinzo
[3] Jinzo Returner
[2] Armaggedon Knight
[2] Dark Grepher
[3] Ally Genex Birdman
[2] Tragodia
[1] Dark Creator
[2] Chaos Sorceror
[1] Dark Armed Dragon
[1] Zombie Carrier
[1] Level Stealer
[3] Lightlord Hunter Ryko

Magic = 14
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Cyclone
[1] Reinforcement of the Army
[1] Brain Control
[1] Mind Control
[2] Allure of Darkness
[1] Future Fusion
[2] Foolish Burial
[2] Golden Chest of Sealing
[1] Limit Break

Trap = 1
[1] Cry of Living Dead

The deck concept works similar to Baha's Black Knight Dark. However, with 3 Jinzos + 3 Jinzo Returners, I aim to be able to summon the synchros more regularly, as well as be able to deal damage (Compared to Diabolic) before summoning anything. Furthermore, through the use of level stealer, I am able to summon Trishula as well, rather then be limited to only Kurokishian. Some reasons why I think this works better~

1. With the Jinzos, I can afford to play Grephers + Foolish Burial, allowing faster grave loading
2. With Jinzos, I can attack first, then Kurokishian over any Gorz / Tragodia opponent summons
3. Even if theres no Gorz / Tragodia, assuming he has some trap he cant open due to Jinzo, I can just Trishula after attacking, hopefully maximizing advantage

Of course, with this build, combined with my luck, if you draw 3 Jinzo Returners in first hand (Already happened a few times within 1 night of play testing), it will be very problematic to play. Thus, the requirement for Ryoko and Chaos Sorcerer to be there as backup solutions. My combi allows 3 Jinzos + 2 Sorcerers as the much needed 6 star monsters, while Baha's build only has Diabolic + 2 Sorcerers, hence my opinion that I can synchro much easier.

Finally, as per the Jinzo Returner build, FF lets you summon 3 Jinzos at 1 go (Assuming no bad hand....) Combined with Level Stealer + Zombie Carrier, you can call out Trishula as well~ (Level Steal from Jinzo 1, but sync using Jinzo 2 = 6 + 2 + 1 = 9) As Machine decks go, seems to be the most Trishula friendly, heh. Anyway, thats all from me guys, so hope you guys enjoy the deck! Gameplay for the deck shown as below.

Remember to watch Round 2 and 3 as well! Lots of Monster stealing around, LOL~


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