Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mass video uploading completed!

Decided to do a quick post here from the accomplishment I feel from doing all the video uploading! Woohoo~ Not to mention I finally got myself a tripod, so no more video shaking / super close up videos this time round.

Only the sounds wise not as good, with some cool drum thumping in the 2nd set of videos, but I kinda like the original voices there, so you guys can hear what we are crapping about and all so...

Anywayz, do support our youtube channel yah! To make it simpler, the first videos for both gameplay is embedded below. To go on to the next gameplay, double click on it to go to the youtube page, then go to the video response~

Bahamut Zero vs Machines SD-Kai! - Gameplay 1

Machines SD-Kai! vs Inferni-Trishula - Gameplay 1

Don't miss out gameplay 2 and 3 from each videos!


Gold Series 2010 confirmed to be coming tomorrow (Thursday 21/01/10).

1 comment:

  1. Hello,

    This is my first look at your site. Is that you playing the Infernity/Trishula deck? I am making that same deck now, but I want some TSHD cards to finish it, like Infernity Gun. Thank you for posting the video.