Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jinzo Lord without Jinzo Lord deck!

Hi everybody, as you guys know by now, I USUALLY dont post up my decks until I'm somewhat done with them and about to dismantle them. However, thru the videos neuxcharge placed on youtube, somehow my current deck is getting quite abit of attention so I kinda decided why not. Well, here it is!

Deck name: Jinzo Lord w/o Jinzo Lord! (This name kinda sticks with me, its long, I know)

Cyber Dragon
Jinzo * 3
Jinzo Returner * 3
Lightlord Wulf
Lightlord Lyla
Lightlord Lumina
Lightlord Ryoko
Armageddon Knight * 2
Zombie Carrier
Demon Roar God - Raven (The only OCG exclusive at the moment, replacable by Gale)
Dark Armed Dragon
Snipe Hunter

Big Storm
Charge of the Light Brigade * 3
Solar Recharge * 3
Limit Break
Mind Control
Brain Control
Future Fusion
Pot of Avarice * 3
Allure of Darkness * 2
Foolish Burial * 2
Reinforcement of the Army

Cry of Living Dead

Well, thats all of it above. Why dont I normally post decks Im still playing with? Cause they are usually still undergoing tuning, maybe new ideas I will be putting in, etc. Next version will prob have Gold Sarcophagus, still thinking on it.

How does the deck work? The lightlord stuff is mainly to facilitate drawing, as well as getting your jinzos in the grave, so when using avarice, leave those Jinzos in there! Then hopefully just draw all the way, to gain hand advantage, while using your easily summoned Jinzos to have field control. Will list out some of the less commonly known combos here

Combo 1: (Total luck based)
If solar recharge accidentally drops out returner, and Jinzo is in the grave, you can actually summon him out. Therefore, keep your recharges to be played only during your 2nd turn when you can attack, and always get Jinzos in grave first before playing it. It does happen quite often.

Combo 2:
Use zombie carrier to put a returner back to deck, flip open ryko to drop out, and summon Jinzo. Doesnt happen all that often since I have only 1 of each, but hey, done it before though.

Combo 3:
Raven can discard returners and summon back Jinzo! Not only that, a 4 star raven can tune with a Jinzo to summon out Demon Roar God - Leviathian, and when that dies take back Raven for replay. (Note: Raven is a light tuner, so good for summoning Ancient Holy Wyvern as well) - For TCG players, just use the more boring BF-Gale

Combo 4:
FF + Avarice + Hurricane = ultimate leet
Why? Just FF summon out your Jinzos, then do avarice and hurricane for a replay next turn. If you have Zombie carriers and raven with you, you can tune them for synchros, then use your FF straight away again.

Combo 5:
Zombie carrier is your friend here. Why? I am not sure how many times already, have i had FF + Cyber Dragon in the same hand. So just summon armageddon knight, put back Cydra, and do all favourite combo.

And thats my usual wall of text. Hope you guys have fun playing with this deck, and keep tuning it. Who knows, you might have a more successful build then me!


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