Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yugioh in HK!

First stop was the Konami Centre followed by another building that had like 4-5 card stores in it. Took the MTR to 深水埗/Sham Shui Po. The Konami Centre is like in this huge mall called Dragon Centre.

HK Meta (from just one day view at the Konami centre which was really packed!):

Rush deck is the trend! It is like...
- Lightlords
- BF
- Six Samurai
- Angry grave keepers
(or maybe because it is cheap lol)

And then of course there is GB.

No undead Synchro spotted =( and Vayu is also MIA from all the album even though I did not see any Grave BF. Alot (I really mean alot) are playing the rush decks mentioned above.

And on the second day, went to another shop at 荃灣/Tsuen Wan which was a little out of the way but had more cards compared to the shops from first day. Got my MGS Synchros, Decisive Arm and random crap that I am too lazy to find in SG lol.

Anyway I did not play much coz it was difficult for me to explain the effects and I only brought one deck. Most of the kids are like strictly Cantonese speaker and the only Cantonese I know are swear words. >=D

Photos will be coming soon.


Comparing with Singapore, their cards and boosters are cheap! Nothing beats Japan of course but quite close.

DT cards are also available at similar price as Singapore and since I was there, might as well! I went to get most of my MGS stuff except DT4 cards which all the shops are missing.

Rauzes help!!


Well that is all. The yugioh there is definitely more established since they are like the in charge for the whole of asia (excluding Japan).


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