Saturday, September 19, 2009

Upcoming cards preview~!

Alright, being on holiday means really no excuse for me not to blog, so decided to do another article today on some upcoming new cards. Just gonna use the card names, so for more info, go check out alright?

Absolute Powerforce
Drill Synchron
- Well, dmcomet says when this card deals damage, shriek says when any monster on the field deals damage, so not sure which is right, but either way strong! (Obviously it being a machine makes it cooler) When it is on the field, gives everyone trample, that much is confirmed. And if going by shriek, all monster gains full parshius drawing effect! Just play with something that swarms like deformers, etc, and you got crazy leet card advantage immediately.

Battle Fader
- This is a cool effect similar to gorz, as long as you are not worried about it being a small or big monster. So it just immediately ends battle phase, not bad against GB which normally tries to hit to get out GB fish and kill gorz, yes?

- I assume name is more like Shredder, but translation is really shretsudder. This card is really quite made for me, but good for any viper deck as well. Just summon and throw viper, pick off any level 4 and below monster on the field and kill it. Better then earth smash etc, since you can choose whichever dies, and of course for any machine-based deck (Jinzo Reborn / Antique Gear etc), your big machines lets you kill just about any monster you want. Kinda like contagious virus yah?

Holy Light
- Ultimate side deck against BF decks at the moment! You can even straight away put it out in attack mode and dont care of your opponent, since opponent dark monsters cannot attack. Also, if crazy enough you can just smash into someone's monster and honest, and yours still lives. Then, no normal summon / sp summoning = no dark arm, no Shura and summon gale black rose etc. Since as i last recall 90% of grave BF is dark, this card rox. Just have a holy barrier or something ready against the random none dark monster.

Drill Warrior
- Ok, usually i dont care much about the usual yuusei synchros, but this is really quite not bad for control decks. It gives you direct atk of 1.2k atk, then lets it disappear to out of game by discarding 1 card, and when returning to field take back 1 monster card. Some stupid loop like, discard the new demon roar tuner for it to disappear, demon roar tuner in defense mode to block attacks which dies, then when this thing comes back add back to hand the tuner? Sounds like fun actually. Of course being a drill/quick synchron only monster sux but... Drill synchron is powerful!

Demon Chain
- Maybe some people think there are better cards worth their time, but i think this is a good card. Best against GB-Gyazarus maybe? If fighting GB and he summons Gyazarus to destroy at least 2 cards, might as well protect the cards by using this trap to negate effect, and cant attack as well? Quite the best 2 effect for 1 trap card against GB imo.

Demon Roar God Beast Unicore
- Why review 1 dt7 card? Well, its the 2nd 4 star synchro, which uses demon roar tuner (Agreeing with baha, Cerberal is omg strong). Boosts 2300 atk with even stronger effect then Arms Aid * 100.
Assuming you have more cards in hand then your opponent, just set to the right amount as opponent, and summon this. Makes it that 1 turn immune to bottomless, holy barrier etc that opp can think off. Furthermore, even if they draw 1 more new card next turn, if they play any of that card, hand size returns to same as yours, new card is negated as well. So just copy cat your opp! If he covers one card, cover 1 card straight away once its your turn and no funny business happens. He keeps it in hand? Dont use anything! Everything is negated and its cool stuff~ Seriously the strongest synchro at the moment. Only thing i can think of is something like opp covers thunder break/icarus or similar trap, and uses it during your draw phase while you have 1 extra card then him. Of course, if you open your own cards which chains to same amount of hand, then they can kiss their butt goodbye for their efforts.

Well, thats about it for my long review. Have to head back to Singapore tomorrow, so time to make full use of the place here.. Time to hit the pool, woohoo~


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