Sunday, September 13, 2009

[Tournament Report] 13/09/09

So today I went all the way to khatib since I promised Mr Plant that I would turn up. It was all last minute for me to even form a deck. Good news is Charge was released yesterday so I decided to run lightlords (yeah so predictable...)

Round 1: Dimension Monarch (aka last boss)
Game1: Opponent opens with fissure, and I have no lyla or anything interesting to destroy the back row lol
Game 2: Manage to storm and rush all the way
Game 3: Fissure -> breaker, Cosmos -> Cyclone, Fissure -> Bahamut has ran out of tricks and died to legendary Raiza.

Round 2: GB
Game 1: Great opening hand of charge -> recharge -> Lumina + Garoth etc etc. easy lead
Game 2: Can't remember but badly outplayed
Game 3: 3 recharge woot, judgement cold wave =)

Round 3: Undead Synchro
Game 1: Decisive arms haxored me =(
Game 2: Clarence died coz he give me chance =P
Game 3: After much struggling, I realised there is nothing more I can do with Cherubims, Judgement, Beckoning and everything in grave!

Round 4: Grave BF
Game 1: My mind is now blank and I can't remember anything
Game 2: Refer to game 1
Game 3: There is no game 3.

That is pretty much it. I think I am deproving lol. Need to stop playing Blazblue. In addition, is there a cure for bad luck?

Congrats to Akira for getting first and winning the lucky draw!

Seriously guys, top 4 shouldn't be allowed to get lucky draw! I blame Mr Plant for not picking Hammerhead (my lucky draw card)!

Off topic: After reading feath's comprehensive post on his Fiend Roar Deity deck, I feel like making one too! Obviously he loves his charge as much as me that he splashed it into his deck too lol.


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