Monday, September 14, 2009

Demon Roar God Cerberal

星2/光属性/獣族/攻1000/守 200

Fiend Roar Deity Cerberal
2 star Light Beast Tuner
When this card is discarded to the graveyard from your hand, special summon this card.


Undead Synchro
Zombie Master discard this for Goblin Zombie in grave ==> Decisive arms for just 1 card, skill!
Does not work lol!

Lumina + this => interesting synchro monster will appear (like Fiend Roar Deity Legion)
Beckoning of Light => field flooding

Random Decks
Vortex/Wing Blast => haxor

Ok I can go on with all the random hand discards as a cost cards but the point is it is imba...

Time wasting combo: Brionac + 2 Cerberal. Is there a card that burns/draws/gains LP while a monster is bounced to make this thing actually does something other than time wasting?

Expect this in next years list lol.

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