Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stardust Overdrive

Is here today.

My box luck is improving! First box got holo! Special thanks to Lightbinder for helping me choose the box, really!

My pulls today:

[HR] Saviour Star Dragon
[UR] Saviour Star Dragon x2
[3D] BF Silverwind
[UR] BF Silverwind
[3D] Earthbound God Uru
[UR] Earthbound God Wica nani kore (The bird)
[UR] Earthbound God Cha nani kore (The lizard)
[SR] Core Chimair Rooklord x2
[SR] Goddess of Salvation Norswemco (The ritual monster)
[SR] Black Bulldrago (a synchro with Dual Support)
[NR] Crimson Inquisitor (self translated weird normal rare card with nice picture!)

So far, nothing really interesting but there is really a lot of Dual support cards and some of them are really good. Abundance of Fortune Lady stuff, expected Watery to be expensive. Anything that draws card with little effort is good.

Oh and there is a very nice normal rare card that helps frog 1 kill deck!

??? of Greed (The picture is a fish with pot of greed face)
Normal Spell
Return 2 water type monster from your hand to the deck to activate. Draw 3 cards.

Will add more later when I sort out my cards...

The new expected Craze!
- Fortune Ladies
- Dual Monsters
- Crazy water decks now that they have their own card draw
- Pokekid and his Earthbound madness
- Angry reptiles with aliens, venoms and reptiless probably!
- Corechimairs (still hoping ppl will form successfully)

Sadly there isn't any meta worthy card. There is a certain Lady that is good, but doubt she will survive much in the current meta.

Update: Lord British is omfgwtfbbq strong!


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