Sunday, June 28, 2009

Short and quick update

So I took a week to actually update the blog =P

Here are my sad result for worlds

Deck Used: AKB

Match 1: Plant
For some reason I keep drawing Smashing Ground to kill that dreaded Tytanial

Match 2: GB
Bad first round, sadder Round 2. With Wanghu and Rivalry, and my sad hand of 2 mind control and 2 Soul Exchange (and other rubbish) with no Bestiari/Mobius in sight =( Yes I side deck Bestiari in my AKB.

Match 3: BF
The usual hand of Spy, book of moon, cold wave, Evacuation device and no cat forever. I feel like I am just playing Gravekeepers... Round 2 did a desperate attack with double dark dive since there is really nothing else, but luckily it got through haha. And died horribily at round 3

Match 4 : Permission (?)
Some cheating AKB hand that will end up with double Dark Dive twice. I thought my luck changed!

Match 5: BF
But I guess not because I drew gravekeeper hand again! But I did summon Dark Armed for the first time that day =D

Result: 2-3
Defeated again! No more strength lol Results getting from bad to worse... lol


In other news: Stardust Overdrive soon, hope got good meta changing cards. It is getting boring around here with BF, AKB, GB. I left out Lightlords and Plants since not really that many people are playing =/

And now.... back to


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