Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tournament report: Duelist Showdown [7/6/09]

Finally an update lol =D

Deck used: Frog 1 kill (now locally known as Frog Porridge with Fishballs)

Deck list can be found on the post below... Yes I net decked it exactly the same except the side deck which I picked crazy cards out of my album to side and did not use anyway.

The actual purpose of participation today was a test of luck. I am sure everyone who participated was eyeing the lucky draw prize, so doesn't really matter what deck you are playing.

Round 1: Vs AKB OO

Duel 1: Start first and OTK.
Duel 2: He end without doing anything so I OTK too.

Round 2: Vs Endymion Magician deck XOX

Duel 1: Start second. Was doing the combo already then he cyclone my Seal of Heritage =( My Dark Dive went into Cylinder... Btw I had a "oh shit!" moment when he activated Terra Forming. If he take Spellcaster Village also can close shop haha but don't think he got put.
Duel 2: Start first and OTK
Duel 3: It was an OTK hand, but I was too scrub to realise. It was One for One, Hand Severing, 2 Seal of heritage, Fishborg and a Malenlightened Frog. So I died...

Round 3: Gladiator Beast XOO

Duel 1: Something horrible happened, can't remember what.
Duel 2: Start First and OTK
Duel 3: For some reason, He decided not to Bottomless my Death Frog. I Sync into Brionac cos I got spare hand to throw and cleared back row and then followed by the usual.

Round 4: Black Feather OXO

Round 1: He solemn twice. One was on my Seal and the other I think on Brionac. Then I left a Dewlauren, Substitoad, Ruri and a Fishborg in grave. turn into DDB and shoot everything just nice 2000 lol..
Round 2: God Bird Attack is too strong. True Story
Round 3: Start first and OTK

Round 5: Black Feather OXO

Round 1: The usual stuff.
Round 2: Cycloned my Seal, Desperate attack met Mirror Force lol =(
Round 3: Due to some misplay, I only had 2 Ice Tiger, Death Frog and Substitoad. My hand was Seal of Heritage. No choice end turn, but he also bad hand. Safe!

Round 6: Lightlord OO

Round 1: Nothing, and getting beaten for about 4 turns and finally draw a Substitoad and won.
Round 2: Start second and OTK.

Round 7: Gladiator Beast OXO

Round 1: Start first and OTK
Round 2: He start with Dimension Fissure. Scooped.
Round 3: Start First and OTK.

Apologies to my opponent who have to endure my long play and a little bit of pauses/rewinding due to my misplays.

Well anyway, the 15 packs was crap as expected. Only 1 XX Saber Gatoms. Luckily I won the Brionac from the lucky draw. I suspect second place pack was the best! Feedback please! Any Holo Ancient Fairy?? lol

Luck Test Result: Success. Looks like I have exhausted my luck for this month (or year probably) I sense World Championship will be bad luck all the way, who knows...

Feedback: A alot of people surrounding me during the final match and revealing information of what I draw with their gasps and "omg wtf bbq" comments. So yah, hope next time the barrier will be put to good use.

Edit: For the lazy people.

Monster 18

[3] Fishborg Gunner
[3] Substitoad
[3] Death Frog
[3] Dupe Frog
[3] Demon Roar God Ruri
[3] Volcanic Bullet

Spell 22

[3] Seal of Heritage
[3] Pot of Avarice
[3] Hand Severing
[3] Dark World Dealing
[3] Upstart Goblin
[3] One for One
[2] Foolish Burial
[1] Card Destruction
[1] Card of Safe Return

Extra Deck

[3] Ice Barrier King Tiger Dewloren
[1] Dark Dive Bomber
[1] Power Tool Dragon
[1] Ice Barrier Dragon Brionac
[9] Insert any synchro you want here


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