Friday, June 12, 2009

Further ruling update on shrink

Baha, thats not enough lah. Your ruling update only so short, even Colin also use wrong ruling on me the other day for shrink also. Well, time to do some work here once in awhile, heh.

Alright guys, I add on abit more to the shrink rulings here...

《合成魔獣 ガーゼット》・《偉大魔獣 ガーゼット》・《霧の王》等の召喚時に攻撃力が決定するモンスターに対して発動した場合は0となり、エンドフェイズ以降も戻らない。

Brief translation:
When you use shrink on cards like mist king, garzet, etc which attack is decided by some effect when they are summoned, their attack becomes 0, which stays 0 even after end phase. (I assume this works on gorz tokens as well)

《紅蓮魔獣 ダ・イーザ》・《毒蛇王ヴェノミノン》等の永続効果で攻撃力が常に変化しているモンスターに対して発動した場合はこのカードの効果が適用されるが、その後にこれらのモンスターの攻撃力が変化する永続効果が適用され、結果攻撃力が変化しない。

Brief translation:
Monsters like venominaga, tragodia etc with permanent effects that make their attacks change constantly, shrink has no effect on such cards.

Q: 装備魔法等で強化されているモンスターに対し発動した場合、計算はどのように行いますか?

Brief translation:
If blue eyes has demon axe on it already equipped, and you use shrink on it. It becomes 1500 (base attack) + 1000 (demon axe) = 2500
PS: Colin, no cheating people to become 2000 atk thanks yah. Power of unity big difference leh

Q: :《リミッター解除》で攻撃力が2倍になった《ナノブレイカー》(基本攻撃力1600)に《収縮》を発動した場合、攻撃力はどうなりますか?

Brief translation:
If nano breaker (base 1600 atk) already has limit break used to make it (3200 atk), then you use shrink on it, it becomes 800 atk (half of base), but as it cancels limit break, the monster does not die in end turn.
Edit by Bahamut: cheating spotted, u cannot cancel the destruction effect of Limit break!
Edit by DS: Sorry lah, rush out and see wrongly can anot. Please note, limit break's destruction effect still goes through


Brief translation:
For megamorph and shrink, depends on which is used first. If the monster already has megamorph on it, then you use shrink, it becomes 800 atk. If the monster has been shrinked, but you use megamorph on it, it becomes 3200 atk


Brief translation:
This is for rush recklessly of adding 700 attack. In this case is same as honest, rush recklessly is cancelled, it becomes 1000atk.

So in all, this is a slight comparision between temporary effects, continuous effects, etc. Continuous effects like power of unity, demon axe etc will not be affected by shrink as their effect is *constantly refreshed* (Not sure if thats the right way to put it. But temporary stuff like honest, rush recklessly etc, will be affected as the effect has been applied previously and will not be refreshed. Hope this has been a help to everyone.


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