Monday, December 1, 2008

Tag Force 3

Yeah old news. But hmm, is it just me or they improved the OPPONENT AI and nerfed my partner's AI. I swear if I could strangle Judai I would, or I could just strangle Colin. Whatever =/

I got hit by mirror force all the time!

Yeah I had some losses here and there, but hey those who got perfect win all the way are obviously cheaters lol. There are times when AI do crazy stuff and you dunno wtf just happened. I got Gift Card-ed twice and died while simochi was on the field. Bitch Nurse.

- LOL@ Dark Armed and Allure as common.
- Do not pick Asuka! Her hand is full of blues and she is a burden! I'm amazed I actually completed with her! If it wasn't for Darkness I wouldn't have bothered.
- Darkness as partner is pro o.o
- Not so pro when he summon red eyes Darkness metal, 2 dark horus and early burial a spear dragon and use a stomping crush on a freaking Valhalla and run into mirror force!!! orz

Oh it gets worse. It was the final tournament and I was like dying liao! stupid CB destiny draw a Premature Burial and he just had to fuck that up! Sometimes the computer do crazy stunt, but they are always against you!

Oh yes I'm playing some sort of "Hopeless Dragon" deck. Hey it's fun when there is 3 allure, with mobc and premature and reborn and disk guy and everything that's crazy.


Ok I should take a break from TF3. Once you get beast synchro deck suddenly the game loses its kick.


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