Monday, October 13, 2008

Yum, profit!

Ok so the new duelist pack is out. Everyone is excited blablabla. Somehow it didn't give me that sense of enthusiasm to buy alot of packs. I bought only 1 pack and got an Arms Aid and that was it. No drive to buy any more packs...

But anyways, I'll just go through with some of the cards that might combo well.

Tuning Supporter
Imo, this is the card to get for the set. Drawing a card is basically making your synchro free. And as DS mentioned, using Machine Duplication is happiness.

Junk Synchron + Tuning Supporter + Machine Dupe = PROFIT!
Junk Synchron + Tuning Supporter + Reckless Summoning = MORE PROFIT!
Synchro Cancel and Synchro somemore = Draw somemore!!!
(I do noticed how retarded this is but lol)

Yes you can draw when paired with Junk Synchron.

You might think that using 3 cards to get back 3 cards is nothing big, but you cycled through 3 cards of your deck and plus you get a free monster on the field. Not that bad of a deal actually.

Do not underestimate the man under the frying pan!

Next is Give and Take.

Giving opponent recruiter monsters or even better still, everyone's favourite Goblin Zombie to dig for more goodies, PROFIT! And as stated on one of the Strategy Cards that are inside every pack.

Give and Take + Dancing Samurai (Aka Sasuke Samurai #3) + poke it with something small = DRAWTILLSEVENCARDSPROFITLOL!!!!


Yes I noticed the overusage of the word Profit in this article and I'm a draw whore. Well anyways, more deck testing at the moment. Dark Dive Bomber is so overpowered....


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