Monday, October 20, 2008

CDL Duel Kingdom

Ok so I went to the tournament today trying my luck since it's my off day =/

As usual I'm using Destiny Dark Armed (I should rename this into something else, there is only Diabolic guy inside!)

CDL Duel Kingdom
Deck Used: Diabolic Synchro (this sounds better, no?)
Format: Swiss

First Match: Beatdown
1st: Usual lead with 2 Stardust and Dark Armed.
2nd: Retarded hand filled with Raious, cannot even win all the bloody Goblin Attack Force and shits.
3rd: The same thing as 1st round,

2nd Match: Meta Gadget
1st: Nothing much I could do when there's a gethering of Banisher of Radiance and Fossil Dyna there backed with tons of traps.
2nd: Legendary hand, started with 3 Teleport, Phoenix Wing Blast, Decree and Thunder Break... And the next draws were Psychic Commander and 3 Clevonse. Nothing much I could do lolol.

3rd Match: Mirror
1st: Died cos Dark End is too pro lol, Brionac and Stardust like that die.
2nd: Since I was gonna die anyway, I could finally test my side deck. Kycoo and Skill Drain works wonders when you are leading.
3rd: Did 2 retarded mistakes. I sided Grepher out and had no more target for Reinforcement lol. And I put back Diabolic back for carrier effect and then realise I had not enough Dark, bleh.

Result: De Fea Ted =(

Better luck next time =/


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