Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old deck with a cool twist!

Alright, have been quiet for another period of time again, even went to work today on a sunday, but some how nothing much happening tonight, so just gonna post out my deck which I used yesterday!

Deck Name: Jinzo rox Diabolic! (well, not really the deck name, but thats the whole idea)

[Monster] = 16

[2] Dark Armed Dragon
[3] Jinzo
[3] Jinzo Returner
[1] Cyber Dragon
[1] Knight of The End
[2] Dark Grepher
[2] Clevonse
[2] Zombie Carrier

[Magic] = 24

[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Brain Control
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Cyclone
[3] Allure of Darkness
[3] Hand Severing
[2] Card Of Safe Return
[2] Foolish Burial
[3] Reinforcement of the Army
[3] Emergency Teleport
[1] Future Fusion
[1] Megamorph
[1] Limit Break
[1] Enemy Controller

Alright, this deck idea works similarly to the standard tele dark arm in the sense that 6+2 = 8 star synchro monsters, 4+2 = Goryu galore, etc. Yet the deck's engine is very different from the standard tele dark arm. The usual tele dark arm has to do a good 3-4 synchro monster to kill the opponent fast. Mine on the other end, being a machine deck has the potential to do a kill without a single synchro or dark arm. Note: This deck was solely inspired on my own idea of using synchros with jinzos to note waste the jinzos, as well as control my grave for dark arm easier. Not net-decked from any place..

Shall not talk too much about the standard jinzo + returner engine, you can look at the previous deck for the comments on that. The main improvement here would be that grepher comes in. A very standard combo would be to just have grepher/reinforcement + jinzo in the first hand. That makes for a very quick 4.1k damage. Add in a teleport in that list and its a potential 5.3k, and I end the turn with a grepher and a stardust on the field for the cost of 3 cards. And of course, card of safe return makes the combo even sweeter.

Jinzo is much better then diabolic imo because you can actually rely on jinzo as a fighter in any situation unlike diabolic which cannot do anything. And of course, its trap negating ability stops any dimension prison, phoenix wing blast which would otherwise kill off your stardust. And of course being a machine means.... Sudden kills are pretty cool. And further more, FF makes for a 1 card OTK on its own.

Regarding my choice on hand severing, my deck is actually much faster, considering that I can throw my zombie carriers or jinzo into the grave, while drawing into my dark arm and card of safe return much faster.

Anyway, think I have said enough on this deck. For more info on how it works, look at my previous post on my jinzo reborn deck. The basic engine is here, but this is still the pretty raw version of the deck so tuning is still required. I will probably tune it before next week using my experience from yesterday. Till then, be in expectation of the tuned up version of the deck!


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