Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deck Testing in progress!

Update of Destiny Dark Armed

[Monster] = 22

[2] Dark Armed Dragon
[3] D Hero Diabolic Guy
[1] Messenger of Darkness Gorz

[1] E Hero Airman
[3] Raiou
[2] Knight of The End
[1] Dark Grepher
[3] Clevonse
[1] Psycho Commander
[2] Zombie Carrier
[3] D.D Crow

[Magic] = 13

[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Cyclone
[1] Mind Control
[3] Allure of Darkness
[3] Reinforcement of the Army
[3] Emergency Teleport

[Trap] = 5

[3] Thunder Break
[1] Deck Destruction Virus of Death
[1] Prophecy of Reincarnation

I realise the deck has alot of space after throwing out Destiny Draw. It was fast, but I think it was too fast. So now, the deck slowed down a little but offers a little more control. Yes I threw out the Destiny Draw coz I think they are abit too situational which some might think is caused by my poor deck building with the lack of D Hero.

The reason it had 3 Destiny Draw is because I wanna draw them in my starting hand duh, and 3 Reinforcement makes sure that I get that Airman for the all important discard. So no they were not useless at all. And people were complaining that I get Airman + Destiny Draw so often making it sound like I cheated. It's called Deck Consistency!

Alright main reason I want to slow down is because, even if I got 2 Stardust and Friends, if I don't OTK, it usually means opponent will just waste their resource somehow to summon a Brionac and bounce them all away. And adding to the fact that Undeads never seem to run out of fuel, it is very disadvantagous for me.

New Addition:

I got OTK-ed so many times coz I don't put Guardna lol, so I put this =/ Can be easily removed for allure if you don't need it =D

- Raiou
Great against most matchup. It stops those Reinforcement or Goblin Zombie abuses. Sitting there and doing nothing also helps against GB. Mirror Match is also a plus. Overall great card. Stardust + Raiou on field = happiness.

- Dark Grepher
Using this to throw Diabolic.

- Psycho Commander
Added in for randomness. Once in awhile when I'm dying against GB I just try my luck for Black Rose =D

- Mind Control
Cute card, but mostly useless. Still testing...

- Prophecy
I realise that 3 crows wasn't enough to stop mirror matches and Undead Synchro. And here we are.

Still trying to solve the imbalance Burial from DD loop. Gaius have been removed entirely coz I think they are a waste of time.

You probably thought why am I main decking all the stuff from my side deck, but hey, if I have space then I will have even more cards to put in my side deck =D

Words of wisdom: with the current grave dependent meta, if you don't main Crow, you are most likely to lose your first round unless your deck is totally a counter to that specific deck (metabeat/skill drain oppresion decks). Then by the time you side, your opponent probably sided in something cool against you too, so yes it's most likely GG for you =)

Next version might try Necro Guardna as I try another build of Standard Dark Synchro...


Natural Beast deck pending, because I got owned so bad by GB. It was working fine till I got raped by Big Bird repeatedly T_T

Meanwhile, rub the sitting jade tiger for good luck!


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