Sunday, August 17, 2008

Upcoming info???

Alright people, for once Im actually rested, and not going to work today (Yes, nowadays I do go to work on sundays even), so here's my 2 bits on the latest ban list and stuff

Dark Magician of Chaos
- Expected already, too much DDR armshole previously. Sadly it should go with reasoning and gate as well
Destiny Hero - Disc Commander
- All the new cry of living dead out now, so kinda expected? Especially with the synchro bounce bounce picture etc. (You can search on google, some japanese site has baha's self created picture of the brioniac bounce disc guy shit
Premature Burial
- Along with disc guy gone, plus effectively makes arms hole crap card?
Dimension Fusion
- Espected since UDE did it. Well, with MOBC gone, no more infinite draw/burn to begin with anyway

Restricted to One
Breaker the Magical Warrior
- Of course. Never should have been banned anyway. IMO, Laila is stronger, that should be restricted. Not to mention save for GB and light control, not that much traps around anyway. Dark arm synchro?? Prob only have return from DD, LOL
Cyber Dragon
- Sigh, there goes my power bond deck. Doesnt seem to have that much purpose anyway. My Jinzo reborn deck only uses 1 anyway, if anyone is wondering, LOL
- Sad, guess there goes sp summoning decks for awhile. But this fully kills FTK decks
Monster Gate
- Same as above
Return from the Different Dimension
- Again, expected since UDE did it

Restricted to Two
Dark Armed Dragon
- Well, judgement is much stronger imo, so 2 is fair i think? I have only 2 anyway, LOL
Judgment Dragon
- This should be restricted to 1 seriously. With monster reincarnation and lightlords deck flipping effects, 2 doesnt make much of a difference
Summon Priest
- Too much rescue cat synchro going around I would say. Though 2 is still playable imo
Rescue Cat
- Same as above
Card of Safe Return
- Well, just makes it harder to draw it. Small blow to the zombie carrier decks i guess
Nobleman of Crossout
- Who plays face down anymore anyway? Not to mention 1 DAD or JD still kills all.
Phantom of Chaos
- Erm.... Never had much purpose imo
Chain Strike
- This should encourage a few chain burn decks to return. Chain burn decks are fast enough to fight the few meta decks at the moment if they draw good

Released From List
Light and Darkness Dragon
- Well.... Too slow, plus summon laila and end turn = Bye bye LADD
Reinforcement of the Army
- Eh, not sure why... Dun think that much people will wanna play 3 save from Colin
Mage Power
- Again, with the monster based decks nowadays, mage power just doesnt cut it
D Hero Diabolic Guy
- Time to hear complains of drawing all 3 in hand again. Gd luck to those playing 3
Royal Decree
- Used to slightly counter GB's chariot maybe? But then again Gyazarus will kill decree. Not much point imo

And there you have it. With GB's show in the current world champs and all tournaments, I thought some better consideration would be given. But then again, Extra pack is coming out... Kinda reminds me of gadgets last time, where seriously i think they restricted 1 list late cause UDE was gonna start selling the structure deck. Most people in USA would have bought 3 decks? Good $$$

And on to the newest promo!

Tragoedia 「トラゴエディア」
DARK/Demon - Effect/10/?/?
When you take Battle Damage, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. Increase the ATK and DEF of this card by 600 Points for each card in your hand. Once per turn, by sending 1 monster from your hand to the Graveyard, take control over 1 face-up monster you opponent controls with equal level as the sent monster. Also once per turn, you can select 1 monster in your Graveyard, and until the End Phase of this turn, this card becomes the same level as the selected monster.
Ultra Rare

IMO, this card is not only for synchro users. This is like another 3 Gorz in any deck! Just imagine holding 1 in your hand and you end turn. 1 airman attacks, and you drop this down. In your next turn, hi, I have a 3600 monster on the field. With the potential to drop 1 card, and I can deal you 4800 damage by controlling your airman.

Just think after that summoning calculator some more? 2400 attack + 1800 + 4800 = 9k Damage! LOL, inspirational. Time to consider playing back my calculator deck. Plus anybody notice something? This card can actually be sp summoned back with revival, using reasoning and gate etc. LOL, crazy imo.


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