Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's that time of the month!

It's August guys! Time for some Restriction list speculation again! This post will always be on top till 9/1 (or if the list is released first lol) So don't forget to scroll down when looking for updates!

The list will probably be finalized after the world tournament, see what card is super imbalanced lol.

Note: Read again, SPECULATION! Not the actual list!!

To be Banned
- Premature Burial
- D Hero Disk Guy
- Dark Magician of Chaos
- Dimension Fusion

To be R to 1
- Wicked Emperor Gaius
- Dark Armed Dragon
- Judgement Dragon
- Honest
- Summon Priest
- Rescue Cat
- Gladiator Beast Kaisares
- Card of Safe Return

To be R to 2
- Gladiator Training Ground
- Gladiator Chariot
- Gladiator Bestowari
- Goblin Zombie
- Mezuki

To be Released from Restriction
- Cyber Dragon
- D Hero Diabolic Guy
- Light and Darkness Dragon
- Book of Moon

I did not touch Synchros since it is retarded to restrict them. Looking forward to the list since there are so many meta decks this time round!

I think there will never be anymore gay Synchro like Brionac lol. I mean, why would you bother to do 2 tribute summon when you can use that 2 monster to Synchro summon something that is probably more powerful.

Just look at Kaisares, it puts all other tribute monster to shame. I know it's not exactly Synchro summon but you get my point.

The only 2 Tribute high level that I feel is overpowered is MOBC and... Oh wait, there's no one else =/

This post will be continuously updated!


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