Sunday, July 13, 2008

Welcome to the Crossroad!

Ok so Crossroad is out in Singapore. After opening 4 boxes here is what I got.

1x Black Rose Dragon (HR)
1x Black Rose Dragon (UTR)
2x Black Rose Dragon (UR)
2x Resurrected Demon King Hades (UTR)
1x Resurrected Demon King Hades (UR)
1x Death Kaiser Dragon (UTR)
2x Death Kaiser Dragon (UR)
1x Turbo Warrior (UR)
2x Emergency Tuning (UR)
3x Black Garden
4x Hane Wata
3x Storm Summoner
2x Hell Bramble
1x Pedigree of whatever

Broke... =(

PS: Thank god for no many many Turbo Warrior! But it came with the HR Black Rose... Can't complain =(

Will do some "useful cards" review soon once I take a look at everything again...


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