Thursday, July 10, 2008

The art of Brionac abuse!

Hi guys, today I shall teach you guys how to use Brionac like a true pro!

First up, the details of the card!

Dragon of the Ice Boundary Brionac
6/Water/Sea Dragon/Synchro
Discard any number of cards from your hand, bounce card(s) on the field equal to the number of card you discarded this way.


At first look, this card might just look barely decent with normal stats and an effect that is just so-so. Normally destroy effect are favored over bounce unless it bounces to the top of the deck. Just look at what happened to Raiza. But with the release of new cards such as Armshole and decks that rely on grave, this card suddenly unlocked it's full potential.

This card is now my favorite Synchro and yes I swear it is the best Synchro monster ever created. Over Goyou Guardian, I would still pick this to summon simply because you never know that you might just draw Premature Burial on your next draw. Comparing any other 6 star Synchro to Brionac is like comparing dirt to gold.

Lesson 1: The basic!

Brionac + Premature Burial

This is the most basic combo of all and commonly abused. Having an adequate hand size with some tuners in grave will result in multiple Synchro summons in a turn that will usually leave opponent dead or at least crippled. From this combo, you can go into other advanced combo which I will explain as we go further.

Depending on deck, there are a lot of loop that makes use of this simple brainless combo.

Example 1: Zombie decks

With the release of Zombie carrier, its so easy to summon this with near zero effort. Pyramid Turtle and Goblin Zombie can search almost everything in a Zombie deck.

Now just imagine this Scenario. Carrier and Goblin Zombie turns into Brionac. You search Mezuki. Use Premature on Carrier, throw Mezuki and Premature for another Goblin. Synchro again!

Easy mode looping and full field in no time plus a clear opponent field usually. Even without Premature this combo is still do-able.

Example 2: Plant decks

Brionac + Grass Fertiliser. Loop Botanity Girl and Copy Plant and keep searching while bounce the Fertiliser and yes, full field again in no time. I did summon 3 Botanical Leos on another duel with this combo. 3 2500 attack lion and a Brionac, yum!

Example 3: Regular Dark Decks

Knight of the End with Carrier into Brionac. Premature Knight of the End for MOBC, Bounce Premature and use it to summon MOBC. Repeat till your field is filled with crazy high level. This is also a good way to reduce your number of darks till its 3 and summon you-know-what.

Lesson 2: Cycling through your deck.

All the examples above usually involves swarming the field. But there are some times your hand suck balls. Do not worry, with Disk Guy and a Premature, you can cycle through your deck easily! Assuming 8000 LP, you can draw about18 cards from your deck =)

1) Have Brionac on the field.
2) Throw a Disk Guy
3) Premature Disk Guy
4) Bounce Premature
5) Bounce Disk Guy
6) Set Premature and bounce it with Disk Guy
7) Repeat from step (3)


Just look at all the different possibilities you can do with just a Premature Burial.

Why am I posting this? Such a powerful thing should be kept to myself! But well, new restriction list is coming pretty soon. With stupid things like the above, I think Premature Burial has like 90% chance of going in lol.

With combos like this, Monster Reborn doesn't look overpowered at all lol. Unless you are stealing your opponent's Brionac of course ;)

Restricting Brionac is dumb, since all you need is just one. Banning it is also unlikely.

It's not Brionac's fault, it's Premature Burial's fault!
(and a little bit of Arms Hole's)


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