Tuesday, October 2, 2007

WOW-> new YGO merchandise!

Ohaiyou mina-san! That only applies if you are called Mina obviously. If you are not Mina, don't bother reading this post, its not for you! Shoo! Alrite, this news is from the latest V-Jump, with the source from http://www.janime.info/, and a direct link HERE.

Quite interestingly, there seems to a misprint of art for some card shown here. Not sure what card it is, not that I really care anyway. Feel free to say your crap in the tag area if you do know what the hell that is.

Whats more interesting for me is the producing of the new YGO merchandise, namely, the new protectors, (A certain dog team will like this), card albums, deck cases, and even a crazy suitcase for cards! The size is not shown for the suitcase, as well as what the interior will be like. But somehow I keep thinking of the first few YGO episodes where Kaiba goes around opening his giant suitcase of cards. Hmmm, I guess I may see Kaiba-wannabes appear soon, showing off their crap cards like idiots, you agree mina? (Where is my Kaiser protector and album!?!?!??!?!)

Well, all those will be coming in a couple of weeks, so by 3 weeks later I expect to see tons of this stuff going around, so I will probably never buy them. In the meantime, I have 1 new item on my wish list! THIS looks awesome!!! Price is quite awesome too....... But seriously, *salivating* gorgeous.... The kuribo looks plain extra though.

Well, then I was just abit bored, so I was kinda surfing around, looking for YGO stuff when i came across this crazy tips SITE. Tips here look great! Anybody who is not sure of what deck to play next and are looking for a deck to net deck or just looking for great tips. Follow these here! Guaranteed you will win tons of games!

And thats the end of the crapping session. I will prob post more soon, I have an idea for a card review I'm not sure I want to do at the moment. Anyway, in the mean time, Jya Ne, Mina San!

PS: I wun offer to shake my hands since I'm an OTK player, and getting your hand shaked by a guy who gets ready to stand in 3 mins after sitting down would probably pretty suck. So yah, I am anti-social like the guy below too I guess. And if you want to shake my hand after a game you survived my OTK, feel free. Just don't expect the feeling to be mutual.............


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