Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hello people!

Yah I'm just here to inform everyone that I won't be updating the site anytime soon.

Many reasons, mostly is due to WoW! My raid leader put all the raids on saturdays! Ah well, I love the game so much =(

And then of course DS is busy as well. I don't blame him mah. Earning money for our Dueling Days trip to japan! lol!

But well anyways, thanks for the people who often check back but find no update, sorry to disappoint you all.

Also sorry to the people whom I borrowed cards from, I will try and return it to you guys as soon as possible.

And so, I will be MIA indefinitely so don't have to come check for updates so often, but who knows =P

Btw feel free to spam the tagboard, I will still come and disturb lol


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