Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another rare update!

Yesh! It's another rare update by your beloved blog master! Looks like DS is kinda dead anyway. It's kinda hard to update the blog. I mean, the blog is Dueling Days, how am I supposed to update when I am not dueling currently lol~

Well anyways, the DP Judai and Johan are out. Thx Colin for info.

As usual, the pack is always filled with reprints. Good for those starting out, sad face for those who already collected the nice shiny versions of them. (Damn it my nice 3d Rare value! and stuff like that) And these packs, I don't think our machine ass will even bother to review so here I am...

After looking at the list, more disappointment! First, the Johan pack! I already stopped playing gem beast like very long ago, was fun while it lasted. But with the current meta, its pretty much raped. Only hardcore like Kenneth can take it I think. And then of course there are the "Yubel" cards. Only found the Hand Severing quite interesting card to try.

As for Judai! My mind got corrupted after finding out he and yubel.... (arrhhh my pure innocent minddd!!!) Ok so the new packs has more and more purple skin cards. Purple Skin = bad!! Yes I'm stating the obvious, Hell Brat is cool and all. But again, it's overrated! I swear people like Alex will get 3 and not use them! He just wanna keep and shove them to my face whenever I wanna look for one =(

For me, I want coz it's like summoning Hell Brat then summon Airman and zap m/t! Of course poor Hell Brat will probably get raped next turn....


Speaking of Metagame, update me with the current one pls. I very hard to go out on saturdays unless suddenly I'm free =X

What gay decks are you guys playing now? I have to change to my.....

Airman Taosenai Special Anti Meta Remix!


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