Friday, August 3, 2007

Dueling Days Quiz!?

Hello again everyone. We are bored, so we came up with ways to liven up the blog. Why a quiz? Well usually during this time of the year, there are tons of promos released. And I'm guilty of hogging all of them (Note: this is untrue, Bought 10 LADD shamelessly)

So being a nice person I decided to give away cards. Not exactly free, I demand entertainment. After some discussion with DS, he also loves to be entertained. No offense, but people do give stupid answers.

Here are some general guidelines.

1) We will come up with some fun Yugioh related questions
2) Answer and send to this email by deadline.
3) We pick a winner and you get a prize.
4) Prizez are coming out of our own pocket so please dont be a cb.
5) If you wish to donate money to sponsor prizes, welcome.


And so for our first quiz...

Everyone should check back on

Sunday 5th of August 2007 at 1800 hour (6 PM GMT +8!)

Look out for the question post. Why do this? Coz it's kinda like a speed contest, so this way everyone gets to see the question at the same time. For those who missed it, no worries, question will be left up lol. If you see it after the deadline... what can I say...

Ask more friends to join in and try yah. (Another shameless plot to raise visit counters)

Details for the specific quiz will be on the question post itself. Pray hard I don't forget to post on the above mentioned time LOL.

Comments on Tagboard please thanks.

DS: Point to note though, this contest will last only 6 hours, so dont come logging in only at 11pm and cry to us that you have not enough time to do the quiz ah. You have been forewarned!

As you guys know, we are pretty much of sadists here the 2 of us, so please feel free to entertain us. Even though this is not in the forum like my old quiz a year back, be ensured that we will mention anything strange answers we have gotten. Cruel? I don't care! At least we got some laughs out of it.

But seriously, provided that we can come up with good questions of course, we will carry on doing this kinda quiz thing in the future, so it will depend on your turn-out as well. We get a big crowd reacting, we will do it more. We see 3-4 emails..... Lets just say this will not happen very often in the future. So lets see some emails coming in yah?


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