Saturday, June 16, 2007

[Deck] Dark Illusion

Hey, been awhile since I posted here. Have been having a sucky life in the outside world. Anywayz, less talk, more info first. I will shoot out the deck list, you guys just go through it, then i give some info on the deck mechanics.

[Monster] = 20

[2] Cyber Dragon
[3] Card Gunner
[3] Cyber Dark Horn
[2] Cyber Dark Edge
[2] Cyber Dark Keel
[3] Hound Dragon
[2] Masked Dragon
[1] Dol Dora
[2] Illusion Summoner

[Magic] = 17
[1] Big Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Theft
[3] Enemy Controller
[1] Future Fusion
[1] Overload Fusion
[1] Cyber Dark Impact!
[1] Pot Of Avarice
[1] Limit Break
[1] Magic Mining Stone
[1] Golden Chest Of Sealing
[1] Scapegoat
[1] Sealing Swords Of Light
[1] Shield Crush
[1] Hand Destruction

[Traps] = 3

[3] Royal Palace

Well, I actually was in the process of typing a long detailed article of why some cards are at 3, etc but decided not to. So just some quick points.

Cyber Dark Horn is the only one at 3 why? Think 10k trampler with limit break and mining stone, enough said. Card gunner fuels 3 purposes of the deck, dragons for cyber darks, cyber darks for cyber dark impact!, machines for overload fusion, monsters for avarice, enough said.

Magic, ah.... Enemy Controller, the holy god card must put 3. 1 thing is of a new combo discovered and verified by Baha and me. After checking, we have discovered Illusion summoner is actually not a cost to sacrifice the monster, but an effect. The difference? Combo as below.....

Me: Only 1 Illusion summoner covered on field, Enemy Controller at hand.
Opp: Jinzo on field

The combo -
Chain 1 - Flip Illusion Summoner effect
Chain 2 - Activate Enemy Controller, sacrifice Illusion Summoner to take control of Jinzo.

Resolve Chain 2 - Jinzo comes to my field
Resolve Chain 1 - Illusion Summoner effect that I must sacrifice any monster except for Illusion Summoner activates. Sacrifice Jinzo. Summon whatever big bloody fusion monster of fancy.

End result? Jinzo is gone from your sight, and you get to summon cyber twin or whatever you like, and deal massive damage. Quite a 2 card for 2 situation, with good advantages.

Hope you guys understood that bit. If not, look for Baha or me for explanations. If lazy to look? F*** off! Heh. This is my nice little substitute for franky at the moment anyway.

But anycase, with that reason, hence the 3 royal palace in the deck in case you get such situations, so you can laugh at the guy. Ideally, you should be calling BEUD for attaching to cyber dark dragon if you can get it out, but as you can tell cyber dark dragon is not the main point of this deck, so just call the cyber twin or end as you see situation fits. Anyway, shall not make gigantic post again, so for more ideas on combos that i have, etc, look for me............



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