Saturday, June 9, 2007

Boring Week

Very quiet week hehe, nothing much to post. No new deck ideas too. Only did alot of testing with Jeff on my Undead deck but it's kinda getting boring. And the video was so inspiring I decided to put 3 enemy controller into all my decks now!

The world tourney is coming soon and the Simei guys are mostly playing TCG so no point in me going down while Khatib is so damn far. Speaking of the stupid world tourney, as most of you guys know I can't join coz of nub Jimmy incident. Well who knows I can sneak in and play lol (very very unlikely lmao)

And then of course our Dai-Ma-Oh is dead since he also never post anything much after his wall of text review on the crap ass overrated machine. Oh well, will probably update again at the end of the week, maybe a deck or something =X

Btw I know people do visit this blog, why not tag a thing or two. Very quiet around here lol =D


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