Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tourney report for ACQ 2013 Singapore

Deck used: Eclipse Incarnate Dragons
Format: 6 Round swiss + top 16 cut off

 Round 1: Vs Hero
1: Started first turn with Drago Sack LADD and he conceded since he had a whole hand of spells
2: He started with 3 set card, I Stormed and summoned Drago Sack LADD

 Round 2: Vs Six Samurai
1: Drago Sack TCG cleared many many things for a big advantage gap.
2: Snipe Hunter cleared Shien after second attempt and hand was replenished with Super Rejuvenation since all my discard were Dragons and he had no monsters for a fewt turns.

 Round 3: Mirror Match
1: He started double Drago Sack, I start 2 Tidal 1 Stream, fuck this game.
2: After much back and forth of Dragon trading, he had Return from DD.

 Round 4: Vs Six Samurai
1: More Drago Sack TCG stories to clear Shien, Shogun Shien and more.
2: He started Kageki Kagemusha which I chained Maxx C after Kageki leaving them there. I baited a Bottomless, made Drago Sack and Ladd to beat both. Next turn he made Excalibur after forcing my LADD negate twice (1800) and he beat with it. On my turn I reborn Drago Sack, cleared his last backrow, made Big Eye to steal Excalibur and used its effect for a direct attack.

 Round 5: Vs Prophecy
1: Drago Sack LADD wins game.
2: He started with all the dirty Judgment and whatever. Since I know he had High Priestess and at least 3 spellbooks, LADD was meaningless so I went for Drago Sack dealing minor damage. Next turn he show me 3 High Priestess with 3 spellbooks, gg son.
3: I started Drago Sack LADD, then went full retard and forgot to use Treasure Sword before summoning the LADD. He activated Judgment and chained Book of Moon on my LADD and resolved everything and getting whatever he needed before ending. My turn I went full dragon field and then as I was about to use my Super Reju, time was called and another genius moment occured and flipped my LADD without using my super reju first. So I did not do enough, and then he proceeded to attempt a High Priestess reveal till my LADD was dry, then did some Big Eye TCG. fuck.

 Round 6: Vs Burning Knuckler
1: Return from DD imba, keep stealing his Lead Blow.
2: Miscalculated and I was left with very low LP after a Return and did not manage to Big Eye a 3800 Lead Blow cos fuck Veiler.
3: Storm and chain Return from DD for top tier plays

 And so I failed to make top 16. Sides heavily against Verz, meets none.

For your interest, I played the exact same deck as the Champion today as we made the deck together. Also the one who chopped me on the 3rd round.

Also there were 5 Incarnate Dragons in the whole tournament, I'm the only one who did not make it to top 16.

 Story of my life.

 I will only put it up when the tournament organizers decide to put up the top 4 decklist.

Anyway final result is

1st Place: Incarnate Dragon
2nd Place: Incarnate Dragon
3rd Place: Incarnate Dragon
4th Place: LV4 Firefist


My deck list (which is also the champion's deck list)


[1] Flamvell Guard
[2] LADD
[3] Blaster
[3] Tidal
[3] Tempest
[3] Redox
[3] Reactan
[3] Stream
[3] Eclipse Wyvern
[1] Exploder Dragon
[3] Effect Veiler


[1] Heavy Storm
[3] Gold Sarcophagus
[1] Foolish Burial
[3] Super Rejuvenation
[2] DDR


[1] Return from DD


[1] Red Dragon Archfiend
[1] Crimson Blader
[1] Scrap Dragon
[1] Colossal Fighter
[1] Radiant Stardust
[1] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Mermail Gaioabyss
[3] Mecha Phantom Beast Drago Sack
[1] Gaia Thunder Charger
[3] Big Eye
[1] Gemknight Pearl

Side deck not shown because I believe there will be plenty of netdecking as it is qualifiers period for all the different region.

I will do a more detailed explanation for card choices next time.


  1. how come u lose round 3 game 1? cant u kill the tokens with double tidal, go big eye and steal drago sac, summon token then pop his last drago sac?

    btw why run snipe hunter of all things?

    1. to kill Ophion, Macro etc.

    2. Because I only had Tidals, and he had other elemental dragons.

      Clearly My resources are done once I use stream to call the last Tidal from the deck.

      He can just Big eye my big eye and steal that drago sack again, which was close to what happened.


      And if you dunno what snipe hunter is for, then you need to play against Verz.

    3. What i mean is why dont u run metaion instead of snipe hunter? Metaion, besides countering ophion is also a counter for shock master and LaDD which is some of the deck's biggest counters.

      He is immune to bottomless, torrential, and forbidden dress unlike snipe. Can be used even when u broke. As a bonus, he is also a blaster fodder.

    4. Because Snipe Hunter allows you to go for the kill once you clear the obstacle which is what you want. Not waste 1 turn where your opponent can just Kerykeion and make another Ophion easily.

      Further more, Snipe Hunter allows you to discard Dragons which count towards Super Rejuvenation too

    5. Snipe Hunter also destroys shitty backrows like Soul Drain/Mental Drain.

      Basically its one of the best card that I found to answer most problem cards all in one. Side deck space is really tight.

  2. Replies
    1. Yup we have the finals recorded. Let us have some time to edit it and put it up, thanks!

  3. Choo soon Hai is a girl!?!!????

  4. so many new stuffs happening like now incarnate dragons topping. and another thing is happening. Suddenly i see most of them buying fog king. I wonder why????? Any reason????

    1. Fog King is a level 7 that you can summon with no tribute, making it Xyz material with any of your dragon. And of course Water means you can Xyz with Tidal for Mermail Abyssgaios for a pretty good lock.

      Depends on your build i guess. Some people prefer Fusilier Dragon to user EEV, while others use high levels like LADD to lock the opponent too

    2. Fog king
      - water
      - lv 7
      - can make gaioabyss
      - debris target for lvl 11 synchro
      - prevent people from tributing (no dragosack, no ladd)
      - can be summoned with 1 tribute (aka take ophion and tribute)

  5. When LADD dies, does dragosac get killed while you control tokens?

  6. Decklist please?

  7. Can give me the 4th place decklist? thanks

    1. I'm sorry but I dont have any access to any of the participants decklist.

      It is up to the tournament organiser to put it up.