Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tourney report + 4 Dragons decklist

Deck used: 4 Dragons aka 15x$20.deck (all of them are SR, and cost an average of 20 bucks)
Participants: 30++ (not sure how many)
5 Round Swiss + top 8

First tournament with Lord of Tachyon Galaxy cards allowed!

Round 1: Vs Verz

1: I started first and had no idea what he was playing so I just summoned Trooper, mill some stuff and ended. Rabbit into Ophion and I scoop 2 turns later lol
2: Sided in all the Ophion hatred, only to draw 2 Shells in opening hand, fuck. The usual Ophion appear and I stalled behind random shells until I finally drew a Ryko. And then he made Shock Ruler gg. Wonderful start of the day!

Round 2: Vs Six Samurai

1; Blaster and Friends mannered Shien and friends into nothingness.
2: Gateway start, triple Kizan happened and there was an Enishi. FML.
3: No Gateway/Shien = easy game.

Round 3: Vs DSummon GeargiaMachinaKarakuriRedox something something

1: He did his stuns, I think I made Dragosac and Big Eye to flip it around
2: He started with no veiler and I just OTK him
(DSummon was not pleased!
Don't worry we did a casual video after the tournament, will be up soon!)

Round 4: Vs Hero

1: Not sure what happened but I remembered being helpless
2: Black Rose to clear board followed by Blaster beatdown
3: Pretty much the same thing with added REDMD.

Round 5: Vs Dark World

1: Dragged down and Graphas too strong, especially when he already know what is in my hand. I keep telling him to drop my shells lol.
2: He started TGU Sangan, Blaster beat into TGU, next turn Blaster is summoned again and beat into Sangan. 2 Turns later he ate Drago Sac and Tidal.
3: Time was called, i was left with 100 LP and he had 2 Grapha and Zenmaines. Made Black Rose, called 2 Blaster and a Redox to bully Zenmaines.

Top 8: vs Mermail

1: Most colorful hand with not a single Dragon. Got escalated by Mermail nonsense.
2: Big Eye to steal his Armored Kappa and he couldnt clear it while I use Blaster for beatdown.
3: Dragosac and Big Eye to steal and destroy everything

Top 4: Vs Constellar

1: Started with full spell hand, just die.
2: His turn to draw spell hands.
3: He made Pleiades which I destroyed with Blaster effect. He made Shock Master after that but I had CED to clear it. From there it was just a matter of calling back Dragons from the grave for beatdown.

Top 2: Vs Prophecy




[3] Blaster
[3] Tidal
[3] Tempest
[3] Redox
[3] Volcanic Shell
[3] Phantom Beast Plane Tether Wolf
[2] Debris Dragon
[2] Card Trooper
[1] Dandylion
[1] Necroface
[1] Swift Scarecrow


[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Burial from Different Dimension
[3] Seven Star Sword
[3] Gold Sacrophagus
[3] Hidden Armory
[3] DDR


[1] Return from DD
[2] Compulsory Evacuation Device


[3] Phantom Beast Plane Dragosac
[3] No 11 Big Eye
[1] Gaia Thunder Charger

[1] Stardust Dragon
[1] The other new Stardust Dragon
[1] Red Dragon Archfiend
[1] Scrap Dragon
[2] Black Rose Dragon
[1] Ancient Fairy Dragon
[1] Chain Dragon
[1] Trishula (kidding!)


So.. how this deck work?

All the Elemental Dragons can be SS by removing the appropriate elements or dragon. Removing each other will let you search for another copy, therefore not losing any card advantage. Quite imba since you can also SS them from grave by removing whatever you searched next turn, getting you more searches. End point is, you should have a constant amount of big beaters before you finally run out of dragons in the deck.

More info on the dragons taken from the Wiki.

Some card choices

[Tether Wolf]

Gets a token on normal summon, making it an instant LV 7. Combined with any of the dragons, that is a first turn Dragosac which is another bitch of a card to clear. It's ATK boosting effect is also useful to clear some problematic Monsters like Thunder King

[Card Trooper]

Even in this era of Firefist Bear and Gorilla, this card is still ever so strong for milling your deck. Milling into any of the Dragons = free monster to summon from Grave. Yum. Also sets up for random sack plays like milling Dandy/Shells and whatever.

[Debris Dragon]

Searchable by banishing Tempest. Sets up many Black Rose plays. Also super good when combined with the Plane tokens to make your LV 8 Synchros if you pull Shells/Scarecrow.

[Swift Scarecrow]

Random tech to prevent death. Conveniently earth, can be thrown for Redox if you need to.


Debris/Card Trooper/Dandy, friends forever.


Some form of recycling for your Dragons in case you run out. Also set up sacky plays when you banish it with Gold Sarco and banish some Dragons from your top deck lol.

[Gold Sarcophagus]

Banish any dragons that you don't have, gets a free dragon. Easy +1, or just search for power cards like Storm.

[Hidden Armory/DDR]

Banish theme = DDR. Might as well add a search card for that too.

[Compulsory Evacuation Device]

Shock Master too stronk.

[Return from DD]

One card victory. Pulling back 3-5 Dragons is just too retarded. Best part is they will go back to your hand if you activate it during your opponent turn, not that it matters since you can search stuff if you choose to banish them.


Star of the deck, irritating card that is so hard to get rid of. Always summon this whenever you have two LV 7 unless you want to steal stuff then go make that Big Eye.


Anyway the deck concept is very simple, but it is very hard to actually play it. You have to keep track all the different element of the Dragons to make sure they aren't already used since summon/banish/element specific effects all fall under once per turn.

For example if you banished Blaster this turn and did your search, you cannot use his summon effect or the destruction effect. Very very important especially if you are playing against this deck.

Another important thing to note is banishing the correct elements, maybe its not such a big deal, but sometimes I end up with only a Redox summon left which is not ideal obviously. Maybe it's just the way this deck is built, the Redox always got nothing to do other than getting banished for other Dragons.

If you are trying out this deck, have patience lol.


  1. I playtest heavly the deck on Devpro, in the end the best version of the 4 dragons is with... Rabbit. 2 rabbit + luster dragon for chidori/queen. Then kodomo+debris, both searchable when banish dragon.
    In the end is only a matter to find the right balance on the deck, when you found it become unstoppable.

  2. I know you love machines the new set has Phantom beast blane support 5 monster 2 tuner 1 syncro and 1 spell 1 trap check it out on wika or neo ark or the magzine

  3. No dragon's mirror for their effect?

  4. There are rarely 5 dragons in the grave, and if there was, I would rather summon 2 dragons since I can make a Dragosac or Big Eye afterwards.

  5. They should freaking just banned atlanteans already.Atlantean + Water Incarnate = 60% of FTK

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  7. Seems fun and consistent and strong.
    I will test it on DN/DevPro when I can.

  8. how about using koaki meiru (core chimail) drago? i use dragon in my dragunity main deck to avoid some chaos, hyperion-venus, or else...

    and forbidden lance to avoid some compulsory evacuation or other disturbing spell/trap?

  9. works better than the versions i made the last few days for TCG. Respect Bahamut, you made a good Prophecy. Even if it was unconscious ; )