Tuesday, January 22, 2013

PBP Drago-Sac love

So... Everyone's loving Drago-sac. Its being touted as the new self protecting Scrap Dragon, with tons of people thinking up of various ways to summon him, be it through Karakuris, Machinas or just its own archetype of Phantom Beast Planes. I say, lets take it up a notch!

Deck Name: Drago-Sac is wtfbbqawesome

*Should be Harpie Dancer but not in Dnet yet so currently put as Harpie Channeler

Deck basic combo: Summoner Priest with Magic + Divine Wind of Mist Valley (Courtesy of Baha reminding of the old Ancient Fairy Dragon spam combo)

Step 1: Summoner Priest for Blastfan A
Step 2: Blastfan A searches for Birdman A
Step 3: Paste Divine Wind of Mist Valley A
Step 4: Bounce Blastfan A for Birdman A. Mist Valley A brings out another Blastfan B, search Birdman B
Step 5: Birdman A + Priest = Ancient Fairy Dragon
Step 6: Ancient Fairy 1st effect SP Blastfan A again, search Birdman C
Step 7: Ancient Fairy 2nd effect replace Divine Wind A for Divine Wind B, +1k lp
Step 8: Bounce Blastfan A for Birdman B. Mista Valley B brings out Mega-raptor
Step 9: Birdman B + Blastfan B for Ancient Fairy B
Step 10: Ancient Fairy B sp Blastfan A again and replace for Divine Wind C...

Step 533: Ending field of Drago-Sac with 1 token + Mega-Raptor + Faerie Dragon, Ancient / Arcanite Magician  + 1 search + 2000 LP
Step 533-part 2:  Mega-Raptor + Faerie Dragon, Ancient / Arcanite Magician makes another Drago-Sac for 3 tokens on field

Above is just the basic combo. In a sense it earns like mad, since you have a crazy setup with extra LP, Drago-Sac + Faerie Dragon / double Drago-Sac getting to destroy 2 cards per turn, Tether-wolf in hand, with tokens on the field and optional Mega-Raptor.I'm sure you can think of even more crazy ways to abuse this. (Using the Blastfan and Tether-Wolf in your hand to remove for Tempest for even more exceed anyone?)

Several variations to the combo are possible depending on your hand, such as....

1. Harpie Dancer replacing Summoner Priest (making it an easy 2 card combo, though you can only get either Drago + Raptor + Birdman or Drago + Ancient)
2. Blastfan in hand? Tinplate Goldfish lets you start off the combo too!

Deck spamming pretty much has the Wind-up field to it seriously. Just that of course the ending field is nowhere near as imbal and you dont get to discard your opponent's hand. However the good part about this combo is it is totally not grave reliant so you can even choose to use Cosmos if you have to.

And of course if all else fails (which pretty much means no sign of your field card at all FML), the deck doesnt totally die off since you can still use Tether-Wolf and Mega-Raptor together with the other combos to get out level 7s quickly and still make Drago-Sac.

Thats all for today's crazy deck, enjoy!


  1. Dsummon, do you think choas emperor dragon will be unban during the march banlist? Seeing the current situation of yugioh?

    1. Lol, totally unrelated to my post but no, no chance of it getting unbanned lol

  2. Correct me if im wrong.
    Your Harpie Channeler have no Target in the deck to special.
    Or are you not using its effect to special summon anyt.

    1. Erm, its a proxy for Harpie Dancer. Mentioned below the deck list actually

  3. Why not 2 quill pen of guldos instead of 2 compulsory?
    Is like an avarice and also 2 more targets for summoner monk L=

  4. Compulsory acts as emergency defence, while also usable from the very beginner, in the situation that you have a full m/t hand with only 1 wind monster and Divine wind, you can still get to use Divine Wind through Compulsory~

    Well, thats what i feel. Anyway the deck can still be edited and tweaked, main focus is on how to get the combo out actually.

  5. Hi dude, sorry can u make a karakuri teleport deck with a high abuse of backrow?

  6. why dimensional fissure ... theres only mermail and darkworld the goels but u otk