Sunday, November 4, 2012

[Tourney Report] Lorong Ah Soo 3 Nov

Finally took another new deck that I have been planning to build to tournament ever since I heard Maxx C is coming out in the Hanzo tin! (Yes I wanted it too cause I have been playing in the current format with no Maxx C lol)

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Note: quite long since I got abit detailed

Format: 5 round Swiss to Playoffs
Participants: 30
Deck: Pure Machinas

Round 1: Vs Daryl/Chain Burn XOO
1. Didn't expect Chain Burn right off in my first game of the day lol. Not that my hand helped. 2 Tragoedia and Gorz with random stuff and no monsters do crap
2. Sided in Night Beams were useful to slow him down much though he still slowed down my swarm but opening Ojyama Trio when I got out Gearframe and Fortress when were eaten by Lava Golem. Sacrificed 2 ojyamas for Machina Cannon then exceed for Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis. Released the last Ojyama to clear traps and won couple of turns later
(Edit: Both of us didnt realise I couldnt sac the tokens for Cannon though wouldnt have made a difference since I can just discard a Machine to bring out Cannon and exceed anyway)

3. More Night Beams while his Lava Golem appears again. Monster Reborn my Cannon, exceed for Overlord though already down to last 700, but he was already low resources. End phase MST though seals his fate and I take the game.

Round 2: Vs Wei Ann/Laval OXO
1. Game is slow for awhile as i have nothing exciting while he starts with full mill and gold sarc for rekindling. However Veiler on Librarian prevents him from profiting and he hits with field of Librarian, Catastor and Lavalval Dragon that bounces my single Fortress. however i jump Trago which he clears with Volca. However next turn double Fortress into Big Eye to take his Volca which clears his Catastor then overlay into Gaia and reborn Fortress for win.
2. Locked him for awhile with Gozen but did not have any answers to take the win with only 1 Fortress and he jumps Gorz. Few turns later he storms and chain Raigeki on my Fortress and lost
3. Gozen lock again so he only Rekindles for fire synchros which is not enough damage. Double Fortress and a Trooper gives me the win a few turns later

Round 3: Vs William/Mermail XOO
1. Thought too much and lost Fortress to Tragoedia when I could have summoned another Fortress and Big Eye the Tragoedia, lost too much advantage and lost
2. Soul Drain locked him and I took the win, though questionable win since we both forgot I was not supposed to draw for Card Gunner, 1 extra card is quite alot
3. More Soul Drain lock while he had no answers to clear them. Basically used multiple Fortress to press for advantage and won

Round 4: Vs Clarence/Chaos Dragon OO
1. First turn Duality for Maxx C prevents him from trying moves while I slowly gain field advantage and took win
2. Again Duality got Maxx C to hold him back while I  early game flood and end turn with Big Eye, his Zenmaine and a fortress. He fights back with Temtempo from Tour guide but I summon another Gearframe next turn and he concedes

Round 5: Kenneth
Both of us confirm going up so I took the win to pull Clarence up

Top 8: Wesley/Wind-up OXO
1. Maxx C stops his first turn loop of Shark and Magician and I Gearframe + Fortress to clear his stuff. He has problem clearing it next turn even though he still flooded again and had to use Zenmaine to remove the Gearframe from the equip. I set roll out and ended. Next turn Zenmaine attacked again, and when he target Fortress, I dropped his hand while also using Roll-out to protect the Fortress. Couple turns later got out another Fortress, Big Eye his Photon Papilloperative to turn Hunter to attack for game
2. Turn 1 dropped hand while he profit like mad. Next!
3. Press for advantage with Fortress and Gozen. Few turns later he Trap Stun and build but he could only get out Zenmaity and Zenmaine which hit into Fortress to clear the Gozen. Big Eye on Zenmaine and Gearframe couple of turns later take the game.

Top 4: Nian Jie/Verz Raggia XX
1. Turn 1 Rabbit to Ophion while hand of nothing but Tragoedia and Gorz is jank
2. Duality took Gozen to prevent Rabbit to Ophion (Nothing exciting to side cause didn't expect it) but he didn't draw it anyway. 2 Bottomless, 1 Warning and 1 Chalice stopping all my plays later (Including cool stuff like Reborn Peacekeeper and Torrential on his Rai-Ou), lost from his random beatdown

3rd/4th place: Kenneth Hieratics OO
Played just for Glory so no side decking
1. Maxx C plus Veiler on following turn's Atums holds him back while I jump Tragoedia when his Gaia attacks. Next turn Gearframe takes Force and discard to steal his Red Eyes and Xyz into Gustaph Max woot. Discard for Fortress and Reborn Fortress to Big Eye his Gaia as well and all slam for win
2. Turn 2 Call of Haunted on Su for flood attempt gets stopped by Maxx C. Next turn I Fortress and Trooper try to go for win with Limiter but Fortress gets Book so Trooper had to solo kill Su with Limiter. Next turn he Atums which I Veiler and he had to Gaia and end. Couple turns later I summoned Veiler and went into Scrap and discard for Fortress but he MST my set so I had to hit over Gaia with nothing to set. Next turn he Tefnuit and Su to Atums for another Su. He then sacs both for Red Eyes in hand and  Su's effect plus Red Eyes gets him M7 on field to bounce Scrap. Red Eyes hits Fortress which destroy Red Eyes and M7 direct brings out my long waiting Gorz which hits next turn for game.

Result: 3rd Place

So without further adue, heres the deck that I used!

Deck: Pure Machinas

Monster [26]
[2] Card Trooper
[3] Machina Gearframe
[3] Machina Peacekeeper
[3] Machina Fortress
[1] Machina Force
[2] Machina Cannon
[3] Cardcar D
[2] Tragoedia
[1] Gorz
[3] Effect Veiler
[3] Maxx C

Magic [8]
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Monster Reborn
[3] Mystical Space Typhoon
[1] Limiter Removal
[2] Pot of Duality

Trap [6]
[2] Compulsory Evacuation Device
[2] Roll Out!
[2] Torrential Tribute

As you can see, this deck totally runs on nothing but Machinas as its main engine. I would basically think of this as the Machine version of a Hero Beat in fact, with its own little tricks up its sleeves. Main deck idea? Just summon Fortress and hit for game, thats all you need to know lol. Few tech choices as follows:

3 Veiler + 3 Maxx C 
Same idea as Baha, mainly using them as my main engine to prevent Wind-Ups and Mermail shinnegans. Veilers also work well here in case you need them as a tuner.

Peacekeeper + Roll Out
Works well as defensive methods while providing possible pluses through Peacekeeper. Where the deck runs out the Gearframes so max Peacekeeper is good stuff

3 Cardcar D
Draws + discard for Fortress. Not to mention this deck doesnt have any basics that you will want to summon out right in turn 1 so its good

2 Tragoedia + Gorz
Good with Maxx C, Gorz level 7 makes for Big Eye, Tragoedia gives possibilities to steal opponent's monsters with all the level 7, 8 and 10s running around nowadays. Gustaph Max so good!

CED + Torrential
Reuse of Gearframes while plus-ing from Torrential through Peacekeeper and Trooper. You can even Torrential when your Fortress is out if it is equipped, especially with Peacekeeper

In the end had quite alot of fun playing this deck. Even though it is pretty auto pilot in a way like a usual beatdown deck, there are some good tricks in the deck if you know how to make use of them (Tragoedia + Roll Out! as good examples) Hope you enjoyed this article and let me know what you think! In the mean time, I'm moving on to my next deck though I have a few different options. Hopefully will have something by end of the month!


  1. "Cool play of the day was sacrificing 2 ojyamas for Machina Cannon"

    "Special Summon 3 "Ojama Tokens" (Beast-Type/LIGHT/Level 2/ATK 0/DEF 1000) in Defense Position on your opponent's side of the field. The tokens cannot be Tributed for a Tribute Summon."


  2. your pictures make me have to scroll 10 times in order to comment

    And cool ojama plays!

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    1. Comments which are vulgar and serves no purpose in the conversation will be deleted. As if you guys never did misplays before.

  4. would have been a better play if u kept quiet. lol.

  5. Seems like 21 copies of Roll Out! worked out quite well for you.

    Just a personal preference, I would put 512 more copies of Roll Out!

    Nice deck overall, and cool play with Ojama tokens.

  6. Oops, both of us didnt notice about that move. Either way no difference, I could discard a Machine to bring out Cannon and Exceed anyway so wouldnt have made a difference. Actually would have been better since I can clear 3 cards on the field instead of just 1.

    Also noted on the typo of Roll Out, its 2 copies actually.

  7. Game 1, you had gorz just pointing out u could blank field then when take damage drop gorz and burn them back :D

    1. If he dies to chain burn, I'm pretty sure there's no way there's a way to let him drop the gorz

  8. Yeah i know but I already set some cards before I realised he was playing Chain Burn and I couldnt clear them off so no choice.

  9. Awesome detailed post.

  10. How did 3 veiler + 3 maxx c work out? did they clog the hand too much and would you change it at all?

    1. Not bad. I think for decks like these and Chaos Dragon that has the ability to fight off problems without needing to rely on traps, Veiler and Maxx C work out well. If its a deck like Gadgets for example which monsters are all too small and cannot take out threats, this method would not work out well.

      You should probably think of the deck you are using and figure out for yourself if the deck can function with such "defences"

  11. I don't get the Tragoedia + Roll Out! combo. Does it have anything to do with copy level before activating Roll out!?

    1. Never said they work together directly, just meant that these 2 cards are some cards which provide possibilities specifically for this deck.

      E.g. Tragoedia stealing good stuff which you can decide on through Gearframe search (Level 2 / 8 / 10)

      E.g. Rollout as destruction prevention while giving searches / additional summons by bringing the monsters back out and go for kill etc.

  12. You can't chain Maxx C to Lightulsar/Darkflare summon since they are inherent summons isn't that right? The only reason is because I'm thinking that Chaos Dragon player mustn't have known if he was so worried lol.

    Maxx is pretty bad against Dragons, or at least too easy to play around. You'd have to wait for him to xyz or pre-emptively drop it which is risky :p so easy to make people waste Maxx with Chaos Dragons haha.

    1. Yeah but i think he couldnt make any big moves without triggering my Maxx C I guess? Either way his hand was not too fantastic I guess

  13. what's the exceed beside daigusto emerald?

  14. moving on to next deck? try remaking karakuri then :?) since the psychic karakuri seems like not enough draw power? but if u add anatomy inside its good but , it might be dead draw??

    1. Actually I'm waiting for the next pack to come out, then I will have additional draw power for my Gagaga deck and will have that up probably. Gagaga Draw is good stuff lol.

  15. side deck plz? ^^

  16. I usually dont put up side deck since it is very different based for everyone based on your personal choices and the meta you are currently facing at your region

  17. Im too poor to afford Card Car D, what would you recommend as a substitute?