Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cosmo Blazer

CBLZ-JP020 Orbital 7
CBLZ-JP045 No 92 Heart-eartH Dragon
CBLZ-JP046 No 53 Heart-eartH
CBLZ-JP047 ZW Lion Arms
CBLZ-JP048 Charging Flaming Star - Soko

CBLZ-JP008 Gagaga Clerk
CBLZ-JP027 Mighty Flaming Star - Hienshaku
CBLZ-JP034 Mermail Leedabyss
CBLZ-JP040 Fire Elemental Lord Pyrorex
CBLZ-JP051 Terror Fang Wolf, Dire Wolf
CBLZ-JP052 Lightning Plover
CBLZ-JP053 ShyNEET Magician
CBLZ-JP065 Quick Booster
CBLZ-JP078 Breakthrough Skill

I believe most of the effects are up on Yugioh Wiki.

Will probably do a short review soon.

All I can say is, this box is really good and filled with many decent cards. Unlike OCG Abyss Rising lol.


  1. I think Heraldic Beast is a good archertype now. The style of the deck I play on DuelNet is just same as Hero Beat, except we don't have a Warrior for Excalibur neither many good cards like Gemini Spark and Super Polimerization. But playing Raigeki Break provides you the searching is not bad at all. Can you have a look at them and give us some thought of you?

  2. I think Leo and High Medallion Art are really good cards.

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  4. Oh my gawd, I can't wait for cosmic blazar, hopefully all the heraldic cards ain't holo'd out whores, jus common and rares please, cept for the xyz's