Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 Singapore Asia Plus Championship deck list

Note: Cards are shared among the team. One team can only have 1 Limited card, 2 Semi Limited and 3 Unlimited. So one team can only have 1 Monster Reborn, 2 Duality and 3 MST etc.

First: Koi
Johann Loke / Dark World
William Oh / Hero Beat
Yu Bi Xuan / Mermail Atlantean

Second: All Mango are Plant ^^
Kenneth Koh / Hanzo Mermail Atlantean
Fiery Tan / Hero Beat
Samuel Cheng / Lightsworn

Third: Team Aequus
Shaun Lin / Dark World
Yong Wei Ann / Hero Beat
Shaun Lim / Perfect Declarer Agents

Fourth: Team DOTE
Tan Yong Chin / Dragon Exodia
Sean Tan / Inzektor
Luke Lim / Angel Agent

There will be some typos here and there so pls leave a comment and I'll fix it asap.

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