Friday, July 13, 2012

Mono Synchron and Steam Synchron

Mono Synchron
When this card is used as a synchro material, the other synchro material must be a lvl 4 or lower Machine or Warrior. That monster level can be treated as 1.

Steam Synchron
During the main phase of your opponent turn, this card can be used as a synchro material for a synchro summon.

Two new cards used by Yusei in the anime to be released in Duelist Edition 3 and 4 which is a reprint set from TDGS (Duelist Genesis) to TSHD (Shining Darkness). Also, Junk Destroyer seems to be secret rare since it is silver word in the poster.

I am hoping cards like Plaguespreader will finally be foil in the OCG.