Saturday, June 23, 2012

World Championship Qualifiers 2012 (SG) updates

Hi everyone, here I am again! Once again, this is an auto post that will go up once the tournament is underway. So why is this an auto post? Thats because I have the deck lists again with a nice breakdown and here they are! Click on to see more

30 [Inzektors]
15 [Heiratics (Mostly Hanzo varient)]
10 [Machina Gadgets]
7 [Rabbit Raggia]
4 [Darkworld]
4 [Chaos Dragon]
14 [Random] (Includes Gladiator Beasts, Agent variants, Machina Geargia, Perfect Declarer, Infernity, XYZ Scraps, FInal Countdown, Koa'ki Meiru, Exodia, Hero Beat, Six Samurai, Deck destruction)


The above number however only represents the pre-registered players who filled their deck lists online. On-site registration will also be open so there will be more decks. Doubt I will have time to go through all those though so you will have to make do with this. Do note that this numbers do not include the 6 seeded players since it is pretty unfair for them if any players catch this post in the morning. I will try to do an update on the top 16 players once possible.

The signups are a lot lesser this time round, since even with the seeded players there are only 90. However I do know there are some players who will do on-site registration so we will probably hit about 100. As to why there are lesser, some reasons would probably include...
1. Entrance fee for tournament (No more joining to play just for fun)
2. Inconvenient venue (Venue not centrally located and not as public transport friendly)
3. And of course, no more mini games and stuff at the event, though cannot be compared since previously it was the Regional finals being held in SG. 

What you see above is the deck sleeves that are being given out to all the players who are participating at the event tomorrow! Design is basic but does the job to emphasize this is an event specific deck sleeves. Interestingly enough though, they changed the name to be National Championships instead of World Championships, though they may be using that to differentiate the event name from the main event being held in Japan in August. For reference sake, I will still prefer to call it as the World Championship Qualifiers. 

Thats about it for my post now. I will try and update tomorrow with photos of the event and deck lists where possible so keep a lookout!


Alright I am finally here to do my update after the event is over! It has been a long and tiring day where I have been on my feet practically all the time from since 9am.

 Very busy day since the morning with everyone concentrating on their games

 Our trophies! For the champion, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up, tinted nicely in gold, silver and bronze respectively.

 Day gets even more busy as people come over all to support their friends playing in the tournament.

 Top 16 pairings are out! Here are also the top 16 decks being played today.

Inzektors - 5
Hanzo Heiratics - 4
Rabbit Raggia - 2
Machina Gadget - 2
Darkworld - 1
Infernity - 1
Final Countdown - 1

Looks like a pretty good spread if you ask me.

Here we are at the semi-finals!
Wesley vs Poh Seng
Wan Xin vs Bryan

 And finally at the finals!
Fighting for the rights to represent singapore - Wesley vs Wan Xin
Fighting for glory (and a trophy) - Bryan vs Poh Seng

 And our results are out! Our 3rd runner-up is Bryan Chua! (Inzektors)

 2nd runner-up, Poh Seng! (Machina Gadget)

 1st runner-up! Wan Xin! (Hanzo Heiratics)

 And our Singapore champion, Wesley Seek! (Inzektors)

 Here are our top 4 players together!

And thats the judge team for today's event!

Thats about it for the day! Hope everyone enjoyed the photos, I will have the deck lists up for the champ and the 1st and 2nd runner-ups in the blog soon~


  1. we actually need to get into top16 for those sleeves. LOL

  2. The_Magus_KillerJune 23, 2012 at 8:05 PM

    In the Philippines all participants get those yellow sleeves. The catch? We Filipino duelists don't have seeded player rankings for our National Championships. Hehe. =)

  3. anyone have the decklist for the final countdown deck?

  4. Great write-up and photos man :)