Sunday, April 15, 2012

The night before Asia Championships 2012

What, you mean the dinner wasn't the end? No dear readers, for we have been involved in setting up all the way, and just finally done up the bulk at 4am. Here's a couple of photos of the process!

 The initial bare bones setup with nothing but some tables at 11pm

 And our humongous event banner is up!

Here's also some of the other banners in the midst of setup.

Not forgetting our valuable shop owners, here are the shop booths' construction in progress for them to setup shop!

And last but not least, setting up of our Champion voting board. Have you chosen your champion yet?

And thats about it. We finally finished setup at about 4pm and headed back to the hotel feeling totally exhausted, but at least most of the stuff is done. Oh well, time to get my 3 hours of sleep and be back in action in 3 hours!


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