Saturday, January 14, 2012

E Hero Bubbleman

The new insane tech in Hero Beat decks.

Wrong Bubbleman.
Shoutouts to everyone who plays the Megaman series.

Elemental HERO Bubbleman
LV 4
If this is the only card in your hand, you can Special Summon it (from your hand). When this card is Summoned: You can draw 2 cards. You must control no other cards and have no cards in your hand to activate and to resolve this effect.


Ignore the draw 2, it is not the main story today but it is cool if you manage to pull it off when you are losing or in a top deck situation.

It's a LV4.

The reason to run it is for the easy access to Rank 4 XYZ monsters. Emergency Call/Rota for Stratos, Stratos searches Bubbleman, special Bubbleman, XYZ summon!! One card XYZ, what's not to like. Utopia, Roach, Daigusto Emeral, the usual good Rank 4 XYZ monsters.

It's a Warrior.

You can summon Blade Armor Ninja (OCG: Armored Ninja Blade Heart). Something as simple as Stratos and a Monster Reborn can get you 2 Blade Armor Ninja for 8800 damage.

It's a Water attribute.

Miracle Fusion for Absolute Zero, Mask Change for M Hero Acid. Nothing new here.

The older builds relies on the Anti Meta strategy doing 1 for 1 trades or pro Gemini Spark plays usually ending with Miracle Fusion for the kill. Bubbleman provides the offensive capabilities that Hero Beat deck lacks and can go for the kill right from the start with the right hand. Coupled with the various advantage gaining card like Gemini Spark and Hero Blast, it is now a dangerous deck to watch out for.

EDIT: Why not Ocean?
Because Ocean is thrash and can't do much in the current meta. There are so many cards that swarms the field easily (Inzector/Agent).

You may now all go dig your thrash pile.


  1. the card is awesome, too bad it doesn't have a foil version in the OCG

  2. Thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering why that its been seeing so much play lately in the ocg

  3. Elemental Hero Ocean is lv.4, Warrior and Water too.. why should i not use him? I tested a while with Bubbleman, but i couldnt get its effect..
    Btw thanks for finally posting a new.. post <3

  4. I do believe that Bubbleman being able to be special summoned when it's the only card in the hand makes him faster than Ocean. Especially when HERO beat decks run so little monsters there probably is a high chance that it is the only monster in your hand when it is searched

  5. The "bubbleman" style decks runs only about 7-8 monsters.

    You shouldnt have more than 2 monsters in your hand at any point of time unless you did a Stratos search, used Hero Blast, and then drew a monster which is no choice lol.

    1. Hey,baha I'm Nicholas n I hope to have a duel with u.

  6. now i know why the ocg decks use this card, cant believe i overlooked this card, time to go test this out

  7. nvr tot of such stradegy..

  8. Anyone can duel me?

  9. I play tested the deck today since 8pm on DN. ppl tripped out that I was using bubbleman and how I was spamming blade armor ninja. I've actually used bubblemans eff with the 2 draws haha best top deck ever. The problem is that I hardly drew into the super polymerization when I need it. I couldn't get over wind up zenmaines.

    1. If you are just playing on DN, use No 50. Black Corn.

      Gets rid of Zenmaines, Gantetsu and Reapers.