Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 4 at Asia Plus Championship

Alright, final blog post of the series! Sorry this blog post is so late though. Once I reached home, I practically had a concussion on my bed and was dead to the world. As usual, click on!

In the end, our Sunday night session ended at about 4.30am. Pretty fun having inter-country plays, especially for me, since it was really the first time in the trip I got to take out my deck even lol.

Finally getting to sleep in (somehwat), I work up at about 9.30am, then packed up. All of us checked out at about 11am and had long sessions of saying good byes and everything before we headed off.

Jimmy with the Thailand team!

Accompanied by the Taiwan and Malaysia players, Jimmy led the way and we headed over to his house and dumped our luggage there, then walked around the area. He brought us to get some lunch, then onto a underground mall at a train station, where there was easily 8 card shops in the area lol. Everyone turned on their full shopping mode and went to buy stuff. However it didnt last long since I think everyone were pretty tired. We just walked around for 2 hours, before finally settling down in 1 of the card shops where we just played deck for another 2 hours or so, before returning to Jimmy's home to take our luggage and headed on to the airport, and we arrived back in Singapore at about 1am.

Apologies that I have lack of photos for this segment, since I was pretty brain dead and totally didnt think of taking out my camera. On hindsight I should have at least taken photos of the card shops.

Ah well, thats the end of the Taiwan series folks! Next up will be the Asia Championships 2012, in no where other then Sunny Singapore! Event will be held around end March/early April so note it down in your calendars. In the meantime, excuse me while I start planning for the organising of the event in Singapore... (True Story)

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