Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 2 at Asia Plus Championship

Time for a very long day 2! Lots of photos though very tired since Im typing this at like 2am and I have another full day judging coming up in 6 hours... Click on for the story...

Nice big event billboard right outside the event hall. Surprisingly, the event hall is just a 5 minute walk away from the hotel, pretty good since it means I won't have to bring as much stuff tomorrow.

Event hall early in the morning before the Taiwan crowd is let in

Photos of the various reps from each country for the Asia Plus Team Tournament, minus Taiwan which was decided only in the later part of the day

Some photos of the various trophies and prizes for the players

Interesting mini game. They had 5 mini games available though this was the most interesting one in my opinion. Basically you just pick 3 cards on each side, and the player that gets to go first can look at his cards and decide to attach/defend. Then the other player side will be the opposite. Basically its a game that if you manage to attack through, you win, sorta thing.

Nice booth area for various shops to setup and sell products, including singles.

The typical photo booth photo choices. Not as popular as the token booth at Worlds for sure though.

Event hall map and event info

And the crowd is let in! The place fills up quickly with over 84 teams joining, so thats at least 252 players already, not counting as well a lot of people who are there just to support friends/taking part in the primary school tournament etc, so easily 300 players. I was really busy since I was basically judging for the Taiwan main event as well. Tournament format was basically single elimination all the way till the top.

I was introduced as be the head judge for Singapore and made head judge as well for 2 rows of tables. (The Hong Kong and Taiwan head judge were similar made head judge of 2 rows each as well, so they had an interesting triple hierarchy of assistant judges, moving on to the 3 head judges.) Pretty stressed since I had thought I was just gonna be an assistant judge rather then a head judge lol. Luckily I had no issues with the rulings and was able to adapt to their style of judging and answering rulings quickly.

The top 4 teams for Taiwan! The winning team is in front right.

And the 8 representative teams gather in their team t-shirts! This part was especially tiring, since I had to look after the Korea team which I had totally no idea what they are saying, so was abit difficult to handle. Best time was when Korea was against Thailand and seriously had to work between the 2 translators to settle the ruling issue. Among the judges there, I was the only one who could speak fluent English as well so I had to run around the other countries such as Philippines and Thailand (Translator can only speak English).

Format wise, the 8 teams were split into 2 groups where they played round robin. The top scoring team of each group would then go up to play the finals, while the 2nd scoring team would play for 3rd and 4th place. Also, there was a trump card system where basically the leader could use it only once to obtain an extra multiplier to earn even more points in the round they use it. However, they would also lose extra points should they lose, so its pretty interesting.

And the results are out for both groups!

Fighting for 3rd and 4th place, we have Korea on the left and Thailand on the right~

And fighting in the finals, we have Malaysia on the left and Philippines on the right~ Do have some videos taken, though haven't had chance to check the quality, hope everything is ok. Will get it up once I am back in Singapore and have time to edit it.

Prizes for the top 4 teams, really quite a spread looking at all the prizes.

And our winners are decided! Here they are in order...
1st - Philippines
2nd - Malaysia
3rd - Korea
4th - Thailand

Philippines team in their moment of glory!

Philippines team with their distributors

Tournament ended later then expected and it was already 9pm, so the congratulatory dinner was cancelled and we ended up eating burgers lol. Well, this is the extra dinner since there is another one planned for tomorrow as well, so don't think it will be missed. Most of us were glad that it was removed anyway since its another long day tomorrow.

Once we were back at the hotel, a lot of us were still not tired though, and there was a lot of moving around between rooms between the players to chat, duel as well as do trading. We ourselves headed to the Philippine players' room to congratulate them as well while I also took photos of their deck lists, coming up at the end of the post!

On to night market at Shilin! Determined to get to visit around the area despite having stood for over 12 hours judging, the singapore group gathered and 5 of us headed out. Place was crowded even at 11pm. We did quite a lot of shopping and eating snacks, so it was pretty fun and a lot of things are cheap as well. However we got tired out and headed back to our hotel at 1+am. My dedication refused to stop me from doing this blog post though, lol.

And here are some interesting info for the YGO player in you! For starters, here are the various decks used by each country's representatives. Do keep in mind that the players share their ban list (Max of 3 of any card among the 3 players, 2/1 for the restricted cards) Order in from of Team leader, followed by Team member A, then Team member B

Korea - Agent Angel, Insector, Karakuri
Malaysia - Six Samurai, Agent Angel, Dark World
Macau - TG Agent, Dark World, Six Samurai
Hong Kong - Rabbit Raggia, Agent Angel, Lightlord
Thailand - Black Feather, Gladiator Beasts, Gravekeepers
Taiwan - Agent Angel, Rabbit Ragia, Six Samurai
Singapore - Insector, TG Agent, Rabbit Ragia
Philippines - Insector, TG Agent, Six Samurai

And here are the deck lists for team Philippines!

And thats finally the end of the blog post folks! Finally done at 3am, gonna quickly sleep 4 hours before I get up again, ugh. Another long day ahead for me. Will try to update about the Top Shop tournament results earlier in the shout box as well so keep a lookout~


  1. Great post! Nice of you to take a picture of their decklists to share ^^

    Congrats to Team Philippines!

    Got a post in my blog about the tournament too with photos.

  2. Great post but t.g agents missing one card

  3. despite Yugioh not being that popular in the Philippines im very proud to be a Pinoy ... maybe we can see a surge of interest of Yugioh Players in the future

  4. It probably is an Instant Fusion. I helped construct that deck so I know. We teched 1 Instant Fusion for easy exceed or synchro summon. My personal favorite is to summon Arcanite Magician using Musician King and a level 2 tuner.

  5. teehee, pretty good. Congratulations to all.
    As a side note: Are TCG English cards allowed to use in this Asia Pacific sanctioned tournament? (Look some TG1-EM1, and some other) or there are AE cards?
    Thanks, and congratulations =)

  6. @yugidbco that's the japanese version..

  7. TG1-EM1 is a Japanese version. It is written that way. lol. As for the other readable cards, they are all Asian English (AE).

  8. Yo be sure to try out the bubble milk tea here they sell it at almost every dedicated ice tea shop

  9. how much trishula ?

  10. last card missing is TG rush rhino for TG agents

  11. may I know what type of karakuri deck the korean player is using ? pure karakuri or machina karakuri?

  12. pinoy forgot monster reborn in his inzector deck

  13. Its Asia Plus format, Restricted cards are shared among the team.