Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Asia Plus 2011 Singapore Qualifiers Photos

Hi Guys! Really extremely busy, what with the new set coming out and all, thankfully Shriek came out with the translations earlier then expected so at least I wont have to work on that when the set is released. I am also currently doing some simple editting for the videos for the Singapore Qualifiers last Sunday, so would like to ask you to be patient with that. Uploading takes quite awhile as well.

In the mean time, I have put up some photos I managed to take during the event, so click on if you're interested!

People getting ready for the tournament while the hall starts to fill up!

Registration is open!

And the tournament begins! Some shots here and there of the games on-going

And we have a quick shot of our top 8 teams! (And yes, Bahamut84 made it to top 8 so hes in here somewhere, spot him if you can LOL!)

Team 3DS - 3rd / 4th position

Team Where Got Time? - 3rd / 4th position

Team AGD - 2nd position

Team FTW - 1st position that also wins the trip to Taiwan to fight it out in the Asia Plus 2011 Championships!

And our last group shot showing the top 4 teams as well as our team of judges

And thats about it! Didnt have too much photos taken obviously since I was busy running the event. Check out on Youtube as well as the blog as I will be putting up the top team's deck list as well as the videos of the finals soon! (Once I have the time that is... Target is by end of this week!)


  1. Daniel's face. Got money also cannot buy.

  2. Baha is pretty easy to guess if we're being honest xD He's in a photo clearly playing Dark World as well!!