Monday, October 3, 2011

[Deck] Pure Karakuris

Hi everyone, here is DSummon again with a slightly different deck this time, Pure Karakuri. Managed to get 3-2 in a Swiss round last week despite several mistake plays which caused the 2 losses so I think its pretty stable. Basically this deck exchanges the speed that Machina provides to allow more control, as requested by some people who wanted a less "all out or nothing" deck so here it is!

Monster [18]
[3] Karakuri Soldier 236
[3] Karakuri Ninja 919
[2] Karakuri Strategist 248
[3] Karakuri Komachi 224
[2] Karakuri Merchant 717
[1] Karakuri Guard 313
[2] Effect Veiler
[2] Cyber Dragon

Magic [12]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Book of Moon
[1] Karakuri Anatomy
[3] Karakuri Cash Cache
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Limiter Removal
[2] Instant Fusion
[1] Enemy Controller
[1] Forbidden Lance

Trap [10]
[1] Trap Dustshoot
[1] Starlight Road
[2] Solemn Warning
[1] Solemn Judgement
[2] Bottomless Traphole
[2] Compulsory Evacuation Device
[1] Divine Wrath

Combos wise is basically about the same, just that lack of Machinas and Bulb makes it impossible to do a first turn triple Bureido unless you have some Monster Reborn and Instant Fusion at least. However in return, you gain easy access to Natural Beast to protect your traps! (Just remember to use the effect, I kept forgetting to use its effect in my last week tournament except for protecting my traps, including Lightning Vortex lol. Not used to playing such stuff, and yes forgetting to use its effect is the main reason why I got the 2 losses ROFL)

Basic New Combos as follows:
Komachi + Merchant = Beast with search. Cover many traps for cool factor.
Komachi + Merchant + Instant fusion = Bureido + Beast + Search + draw 1. Instant +1 and also set up field next turn for free card drawing.
Merchant + Anatomy/Cash Cache *2 = Search deck for the Anatomy or the 2nd Cash Cache, spin the Merchant around and draw 2 from Anatomy while reducing deck size by 3
Above Combo + Komachi = Same effects but ending with Beast
And of course Above Combo + Instant Fusion = All the nice benefits though of course difficult to achieve since too many cards required lol

The deck has quite alot of tricks up its sleeve, which I had to discover for myself during the tournament as well, so hopefully I can do better next week now that I know what it can achieve. I could have hands with Cyber Dragon + Strategist + Merchant which seems like a useless hand, but I ended up making Bureido to summon Ninja, to hit a monster to bring back Strategist + draw 1, then making a Burei, calling Komachi which further calls Merchant to search, and lastly summoning Natural Beast. So basically hand of Cydra + Strategist + Merchant = Bureido + Burei + Natural Beast + draw 1 + search 1. Pretty cool stuff which is why I love Ninja compared to stuffing in a Haipa.

As for selection of traps/magic, basically I pretty much threw in everything that I thought was useful and it works out pretty well for me. Only problem is this deck has extremely tight space issues for the extra deck... Oh well, hope everyone enjoys this deck as much as I do! Will still be playing around with it for awhile more.


  1. What fusions do you use with Instant Fusion? I've been thinking of using 1 Cyber Saurus and 1 Fusionist so that I can make Naturia Beast faster.

  2. Just 1 Cybersaurus. No space for anything else totally lol. My extra deck basically is the following.

    Bureido * 3
    Burei * 3
    Big Eye
    Steelswarm Roach (Maybe removing)
    Naturia Beast
    Naturia Landoise
    AOJ Catastor
    Brionac (Maybe removing)
    Black Rose Dragon
    Stardust Dragon
    Scrap Dragon

    All of the above is important so Im kinda switching around to test which are more important and for the deck to summon.

  3. Maybe removing roach is a good decision, but why remove brionac? Isn't he a game saver?

  4. Not much cards in the deck that can summon it, except either Cydra + Veiler or Merchant + Guard. Both situations being rather rare and if Im that desperate chances are its im ready to scrub anyway.

    Well, still considering what to remove. Basically not gonna touch the 3 Bureis and 3 Bureidos for sure, since there are too many games where I use 3 of either.

  5. Between KM, and Pure, which would you prefer for the current meta?

  6. How is Big Eye working? Do you have any specific combos with it or do you use it to troll the opponent?

  7. 2 burie = big eye.

    anyways my build only uses 2 burie 3 buriedo. i still use the one for one + glow up in pure karakuri. you can still get first turn 3 buriedo with komachi + lv 4 + one for one + random monster. i use avarice so 2 burie is sufficient. i've never had a problem with 2. but in my build avarice is more live so yeah..

    btw how's the divine wrath testing?

  8. why naturia beast

  9. Yes! I finally saw DSummon trying my suggestion of trying his hand at Pure Karakuri. We kinda have the similar build, but in my country Naturia Synchros aren't legal so its minus two potential combos. Also, why aren't you using the Karakuri Field Spell?

  10. Why not playing MST? there is no Bottomless/Warning/Compuls/Torrential in OCG's meta?
    I think you must keep roach in extra, easy to summon with Ninja, and prevents a lot of turnaround (Brionac, Black Rose Dragon, Trishula, BLS, Hyperion,...)

    Maybe Mind Crush?

  11. I still like my Machina Karakuri more for competitive-ness. Being able to swarm with 2.5k monsters easily and pitching dead cards in hand for those same monsters count for alot. Though this is a pretty fun change for awhile.

    No specific Big Eye combos. It just punishes opponents who push for damamge by summoning a small monster together with that BLS, so just Komachi and random 4 star for Burei + Ninja, attack and make 2nd Burei for Big Eye and steal that BLS. It has also helped me alot by clearing fields of Big sized Tragodia + CS + small monster. Stole CS and removed Tragodia ftw.

    Divine Wrath goes into my Trap Heavy decks for the current meta, and this is one of them. Works out good so far and I pretty like it.

    Natural Beast allows me to play Traps in this meta which punishes you when your opponent top decks a Heavy Storm just when all the cards in hand are things you want to set.

    Minus field spell because not as useful, especially with 3 MSTs. Imagine pasting the field card and summoning a Ninja to take out that Rai-ou, and just as you enter battle phase the field card gets MSTed. Unless you are lucky enough to have Strategist in grave, your Ninja is gonna be waving bye bye.

    No MST due to Singapore meta which are concentrating alot on monster heavy decks at the moment. Just relying on that sole Lance to protect against traps while doubling as a mini Shrink.

    Tested Mind Crush and dont really like it except in my Scrap deck for last format. Even in my Machina Karakuri I removed it and testing other 'defenses' at the moment.

  12. its not pure karakuris it has cydra and veiler in it. I has a deck thats pure karakuri and it doesnt need them.

  13. also Nanaschick as much as people hate that card is just as viable as Cydra without giving your opponenet a free out to rape your field. and combine it with machine dupe you can Trololo your opponents by going for 2 bureidos in one turn after draws 2 cards by using ninishi to get an instant Tribute summon. also Shodown castle provides a nasty lil combo with Kuick along with making a play like BRD or heavy a less viable play after you get a karakuri of atleast 4 stars or higher to the grave. I have ran this build with Nanaschick and Castle since the ban list hit and it works retardedly fast having no problems with most of the current top teir meta decks. A must in your extra deck is XX-Saber Gottoms in case you somehow only have tuners to work with since the only main tuners your normally running are lvl 3 a machine dupe + ninshi can easily turn into a 3100 beater or a field full of synchros. And yes this is tested and proven if you want i can post decklist so you can try it out Dsummon. i think you might like it.

  14. ^ Tested and proven where? Had you ever made champion?

  15. This is that decklist Dsummon try it out and make fixes to it but the is what i have been running and its record is 120-20.

    2x Merchant
    3x Komachi
    2x Straegist
    1x Sazank Ninja
    2x Watchdog
    3x Soldier
    3x Kuick Ninja
    2x Muso Haipa
    2x Nanaschick Ninja

    1x Book of Moon
    1x Dark Hole
    1x De-Synchro
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Instant Fusion
    3x Karakuri Cash Cashe
    2x Karakuri Showdown Castle
    1x Limiter Removal
    1x Machine Dupilication
    1x Mind Control
    1x Monster Reborn
    3x Mystical Space Typhoon
    1x Pot of Avarice

    2x Compulsory Evacuation Device

    1x Catastor
    1x Brionac
    1x Barkion
    1x Black Rose Dragon
    1x Burei
    1x Stardust
    3x Bureido
    1x Scrap Dragon
    1x XX-Saber Gottoms
    1x Cybersaurus
    1x Leviathan Dragon(going to change to Wind-Up Zenmine when it comes out)
    1x Wind-Up Zenmaister

  16. Ee pritty good deck but the speed and the chances that your taking are to much that deck gets wreck by junk doppler and agents i like better machina karakuri is faster and can mach the speed of many decks but sadly karakuris will get reduce in the deck do to TG gear zombie

  17. i would run that in that build however it wouldnt be a pure karakuri build if i did and it does just fine against agents and Doppel decks. just like the machina build it has its dead draws but they equal 3 outta 40 which is very similar to the KM versions and variants. If Zenmine comes out it'll be a much less risky build and even with T.G. Gear Zombie i dont think Karakuri deck will die down anymore than they are already. T.G. Gear Zombie was something that shoulda been something released with the rest of them. i may swap to an Evol deck once they get more support due to waiting years for anything that decent for dinosaurs to come out which could make a Macro/ D.Fissure with Tyranno Infinity builds viable for once.

  18. also Genex Neuttron is better for SalvoKuris aka Black Kuri than it is with Purekuris due to Salvokuris being capable of running BLS.

  19. ^ 120-20 record with that decklist? Isn't that a little too exact? Probably a lie, or the guy duels noobs on Dueling Network.

  20. Probably not a lie. I were somewhere around 300-20 with Dark World before the XYZ ruling were reversed. Dueling Network gives you easy wins.

  21. the record i gave is not a lie, i play this deck at locals in real life and i have topped 1st place twice in a row both against decks that have been used to get the owners of them their nats invites. One being a Chaos Agents, and the Other Being a Tengu Plant esq deck i cant remember the whole build to it but he got his nats invite using the same deck. the list i gave works but if you doubt it test it out for yourself. sadly the only duels i ever get on Dnet are Sams, Agents, Twilight, GB, and T.g. Flamvells. which is why i know what it does well against.but the record i posted is based of wins and losses on Dnet. over like a 1 month time period.

  22. how usefull is machine dup and de synchro for the build? i would like to try it out but without those ones.

  23. @yamispade: note the word "twice." You've only topped 1st TWICE with that deck in real life, and you're from TCG too, which doesn't make your victories count because DSummon's decklist is for OCG. Get my point? What works in TCG doesn't mean it will work well in the OCG - and vice versa.

  24. i get what your saying with the TCg and OCG being different but this deck isnt meant to play off a priority based system where TCGs only real difference is the Ignition still going off. But yeah i guess so. I guess the way i meant was that this deck consistency makes it viable against most current meta decks. i mean ive not tested it against Rescue Rabbit decks too much yet or stuff that also has come out of Photon shockwave however. I guess your right on the what owrks for each format personally i prefer the OCG system because all the rulings and waordings are thought out as opposed to just lets see what works then make tweaks like the TCG which had the ruling for STD ( yes thats what i call XYZ monster due to XYZ dragon cannon already existing in the game long before Exceeds took that name.) monsters horribly wrong just to accomidate 2 cards one of which is TCG exclusive for the moment.