Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 4 at Worlds (Event day 2)

Yay, wifi happy land again. Like yesterday, will be doing live updates as the day passes so keep a lookout here~

Our morning starts earlier today, with everyone leaving the hotel at 8.30am, 1 hour earlier then yesterday. Some bad news to start the day, I will not be allowed to video the match, though I guess was to be expected. Apologies but was busy with something and somehow missed the match. (Didn't catch the announcement and it was over in a 10min round lol)

Some morning warmup matches for the players

Still waiting for event to start, so time for some photos with The Irish Duelist, PJ Tierney!

Pairings for the Quarter-Finals are up, though it's the standard pairing method based on standings.

NDS top 8 finalist group shot

And of course our card game top 8 group shot!

Pick your poison!

And round 1 begins at 10.00am sharp!

Wow, Michel Gruner got a game lost due to too much time used to side deck. He took 4 mins instead of 3 mins. Arguing with the head judge now.
Update: He received a warning yesterday for shuffling, so this was this was the 2nd warning resulting in the game lost

Quarter Final results are out!

Kaven vs Ogawa - Ogawa wins
Wei Hao vs Galileo - Galileo wins
Yang vs Phanupak - Phanupak
Murakoshi vs Gruner - Murakoshi wins

Bit of delay due to some heated discussions about the game lost and also about another gameplay issue in game 3. Time extended by half an hour.

Challenge the champion session on-going

Pairings for semi finals are up!

Semi finals are under way! Started 11.45pm

Ogawa vs Galileo - Ogawa wins
Phanupak vs Murakoshi - Murakoshi

Sorry updates too so long.

Update, Galileo wins 3rd place! Now we are all waiting for the finals which should take place in about an hour.

As for me, with my reps out of business, I'm off to play some win-a-mat events!

Galileo is 3rd! Also, finally the finals begin at 3.30pm by our last 2 Japanese players.

And the round is over quickly. Takashi Ogawa takes a quick game using Agent Angels against all odds!
Apologies but as I was occupied with my final match for my Win-a-Mat, I didn't manage to get to see very much of the game, and it was over very quickly.

Prize giving ceremony is just over at 5pm and the event is over!

4th place winner - Phanupak Kongjaroen (Thailand) - Machina Gadget

3rd place winner - Galileo De Obaldia (Panama) Junk Doppel

2nd place winner - Kei Murakoshi (Japan) Junk Doppel

Worlds Championship 2011 champion - Takashi Ogawa (Japan) - Agent Angel

Group photo shot for everyone!

And the event is over, that's also the end of my live updates, thanks for tuning in!


  1. D: only 3 minutes? that's pretty bs...

  2. that's lame D:

    what's with the shuffling warning thing? did a card fly out or something?

  3. reallyyy lostgame to gruner this is a real shiet

  4. Gruner you Rule!!!!

  5. Wow...Michel was doing so good!

    Such a shame he ended up losing because of this!

  6. And the winner is?

  7. lol agent is indeed the best deck, just not many people actually considering using it.

    agent beats samurai easily, and herald orange makes the matchup against junkdoppel so much in their favor.

    in tcg they had some difficulities against tengu plants because tengu is simply retarded card, but on a format where there is no tengu, no wonder agent win.

  8. Prepare for the bandwagoners

  9. you went to the worlds with your representative? did your local shop also sponsor your plane ticket and hotel accommodation or you share the hotel with your singapore representative or you all pay it by yourself?

  10. Sweet, Machina Gadget's got 4th :D

  11. Thanks DSummon for the coverage.